▶️ Biden talks policy and politics in Portland

Presidet Joe Biden highlighted recent Democratic wins around health care, while stressing the importances of the midterm elections Saturday during a stop at the East Portland Community Center.

“This year the American people won, and for the first time, big pharma lost, now, when big pharma tries to raise drug prices faster than inflation, they’re going to have to write a check to Medicare to cover the difference. Now look, instead of that money going into the pockets of drug companies it’ll go in your pockets in the form of lower drug prices,” said Biden.

To the cheers of a friendly crowd the president highlighted his administration’s efforts to lower prescription drug costs, including insulin.

“There’s a lot of people in here that use insulin, my guess is raising your hand I see that, and it’s as expensive as hell,” said Biden.

“Hell yes it is,” responded a woman from the back of the gym.


After his speech, the president worked the crowd gripping and grinning with those in attendance, including a young boy perched atop his dad’s shoulders.

“He shaked my hand, yeah, and I even waved to him,” said Taz Grotewohl Cooper from Oak Grove.

The president’s two day stop to the Rose City was as much politics as it was policy.

Biden’s trip to Oregon, California and Colorado shows how he’s trying to turn out Democratic votes on Election Day. 

Saturday afternoon, the president attended a fundraiser for Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Tina Kotek.

The former Oregon House Speaker is running against Republican Christine Drazan and unaffiliated candidate Betsy Johnson.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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