10 Most Exciting Green Technology Companies In 2022

While tech giants like Apple, HP, Microsoft, Dell, and Tesla continue to earn sterling reputations for using green technology to be as eco-friendly as possible, the most exciting companies in 2022 tend to be newer and smaller start-up brands with ambitions just as a big and the moral compass to match as they strive for self-sufficiency and sustainability.

Whether providing goods and services relating to food consumption, waste, pollution, electric vehicles, clean water, or other important factors encouraging environmental protectionism, the best green tech companies in 2022 allow consumers to directly make an impact.


10/10 Inspire

One of the leading green tech brands focused on giving consumers 100% clean energy, Inspire was founded in 2013 and continues to amass a positive reputation. The paid service allows homeowners to leave environmentally harmful fossil fuels in the past and live as cleanly and efficiently as possible. Those who sign up will enjoy reliable and renewable solar, wind, and hydro energy without emitting any greenhouse gases whatsoever.

By ushering the planet to a net-zero carbon future, Inspire has already cut the potential carbon pollution of its consumers by 5 million pounds and, according to its website, offers energy-saving services that equate to the impact of recycling for a full year (x7), walking to work daily (x4), eating vegetarian (x5), and switching to a hybrid vehicle (x2). As such, Inspire is definitely making a difference in how consumers think about clean energy in 2022.

9/10 HomeBiogas

Beyond CO2, methane is a harmful greenhouse gas that continues to degrade the health of the environment. After launching a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2019, HomeBiogas has become a prominent player in the green tech sector that turns methane into eco-friendly gas for consumers to use at home. It’s an ideal tech product promoting health and safety.

Unlike simple compost units that require organic biodegradable material, the HomeBiogas system can also turn meat and dairy into sustainable gas. Using 100% recyclable materials, HomeBiogas uses an innovative process of taking methanogen bacteria to digest household waste to create not just cooking gas but liquid fertilizer for the garden as well. It’s a great way of empowering consumers to reduce their own household waste and turning into a useful and unharmful alternative.

8/10 Pela

Food waste is a major hurdle for environmental health. Founded in 2010 to combat such, Pela is making undeniable strides to promote environmental health in 2022. Whether it’s the brand’s compostable Pela phone cases that no longer rely on plastic or the electric kitchen compost utensil Lomi that allows consumers to reduce organic waste in their home, Pela is making a difference by offering products aimed at reducing billions of tons of kitchen waste.

With a detailed and focused sustainability strategy, Pela has reportedly averted thousands of pounds of food waste, and according to its website, Lomi can save up to 100-230 kg of CO2 emissions per year and turn the harmful greenhouse gas into plant-ready nutrients in 24 hours.

7/10 Tapp Water

Clean water is one of the biggest issues regarding the future of the planet. Those who do not have access to clean water often purchase it from plastic water bottles, which often end up in the ocean and affect multiple ecosystems. To help combat the problem, Tapp Water was founded in 2016 and allows consumers to attach a water filtration system onto their taps at an affordable price.

According to its website, Tapp Water uses activated carbon technology to eliminate over 100 harmful substances in the water supply, including limescale. The ultra-advanced micro-filtration system lasts 3 months and has become the ideal way to get clean, fresh water as fast as possible in 2022.

6/10 PostHarvest

According to fao.org, roughly 1.3 billion tons of fresh fruit and vegetables go to waste every year along the supply chain, equating to roughly $680 billion in losses. To reverse the trend, PostHarvest is a green tech company that created an electric sensor to monitor the ripeness of food housed in large warehouses, which can save up to 45% of the food that normally spoils on the shelf.

An exciting piece of interactive tech, the sensor detects ethylene and other chemicals released into the atmosphere when the fruits and vegetables are ripe enough to consume. Whether or not the PostHarvest sensor will catch on long-term is anyone’s guess, but it’s one of the most innovative pieces of green tech to be found in 2022.

5/10 Fairphone

Given the ubiquitous nature of smartphones and the harmful elements and materials required to make them, like mercury, lead, arsenic, beryllium, and more, it’s high time a company developed an eco-friendly alternative. That company is called Fairphone, a Dutch electronics manufacturer that created “the phone that cares for people and the planet,” per its website.

Affordable, efficient, long-lasting (5-year warranty), and available in 5G, the Fairphone 4 is the best eco-friendly alternative to iPhones and Androids. With its recycled, fairly sourced, conflict-free materials, Fairphone 4 is the only smartphone manufacturer with a Fairtrade Gold standard to prove its environmental protectionism. As such, it’s one of the best affordable phones that doesn’t compromise camera quality.

4/10 Sparkcharge

As Tesla’a makes and models and other EV brands continue to help transition the world away from gas-engine vehicles, transportation will play a vital role in the future health of the planet. Knowing such, Sparkcharge was founded in 2017 with the aim of making electric vehicle driving more universal, convenient, and affordable.

The first company to create an EV charging network system, Sparkcharge builds on-demand charging stations for people to use at various locations. Even more exciting, the company offers Roadie, a portable charging system that enables EV drivers to charge their vehicles anytime and anywhere.

3/10 Molekule

Indoor air quality is a constant source of worry for environmentalists around the globe. With clean, healthy air for everyone around the world in mind, Molekule is a green tech company founded in 2014 that created a product called Air Pro, an efficient purifier that is ideal for personal and industrial use. Every smart homeowner should automate their living space with one.

Molekule’s Air Pro purifier doesn’t just trap harmful pollutants, it destroys them entirely with its patented PECO tech, allowing for the cleanest and healthiest air quality in the home. With the app, consumers can track indoor air quality in 5-minute increments and compare past stats for up to 4 weeks. Best of all, Molekule aims to clean up the air quality in public places like hospitals, businesses, transportation depots, and other places.

2/10 Facedrive

Founded in 2016, Facedrive is an eco-friendly ride-sharing alternative to such rivals as Uber and Lyft. The brand promotes environmental responsibility that can be used for transportation, food delivery, and even medical emergencies. What makes it so exciting is how it empowers both drivers and riders to make their own moral decisions regarding their own carbon footprint as it relates to transportation and greenhouse gas emissions.

When riding with Facedrive, customers are given the option to be picked up in hybrid or electric vehicles. Drivers are awarded bonus premiums for driving hybrids or EVs as well. Even more remarkable, Facedrive actively plants trees to neutralize their carbon footprint.

1/10 Lettuce Grow

As the climate continues to change, the land dries up, and it becomes harder to sustain agricultural farming, green tech companies like Lettuce Grow will become more and more important. Founded in 2017, Lettuce Grow created The Farmstand, a self-sufficient and sustainable hydroponic gardener that stands vertically to avoid taking up a large ground area.

With the goal of providing sustainable food sources for everybody without the environmental cost, the self-watering and self-fertilizing Farmstand is ideal for those living in malnourished food deserts or those who simply don’t have enough land to grow an outdoor garden. Thanks to Lettuce Grow, the Farmstand is an exciting piece of green tech that could easily be the wave of the future.

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