20 photos of LA in the 1920s | Entertainment News

The 1920s marked a huge period of growth for the city of Los Angeles. At the start of the decade, just over half a million people called the sunny, Southern California town home. By 1930, that number had jumped to just over 1.2 million. Gone were the days of LA as a farming town, changed forever by the arrival of the film, oil, and aviation industries.

Without a doubt, one of the most famous industries to stem from LA’s growth was the motion picture business. While filmmakers first began migrating to SoCal in the late 1910s, the ’20s brought the big studios, major stars, and all the money. If not for studio heads’ desire to escape the Northeast’s temperamental weather and patent restrictions, LA certainly wouldn’t be the city we know it to be today.

With that massive population growth came a number of other changes—the suburban sprawl, a reliance on automobiles and the freeways constructed to get those automobiles around the spread-out city, and a burgeoning desire for luxury and leisure. It can be hard to put into words just how unique LA was in the 1920s. For that reason, Giggster combed historical archives to create a collection of pictures that best demonstrate what life was like in the City of Angels during the decade.

From snaps of old Hollywood to glimpses of everyday life, these photos perfectly exemplify the history of the nation’s second-largest city.

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