AccountEdge Product Evangelist Todd Salkovitz – Small Business Show 354 – Business Brain

We talk about the importance of Accounting and accurate data on the show all the time. Maybe it’s because I am not that great at it and am always looking for ways to get better and/or partner with people that are smarter than I am in these areas.

During episode 348, we spent time discussing specific brands of Accounting software, and I made some ridiculous comments that got one of those companies up in our grill to defend their product. I love it.

Todd Salkovitz has been representing AccountEdge for over 26-years. Now part of Priority Software, Todd is here to call me out on my comment, and I’m glad he did. Join us today as we discuss accounting and so much more!

  • 00:00:00 Small Business Show #354 for Wednesday, November 17, 2021
  • Today’s Guest: Todd Salkovitz, Priority Software/AccountEdge Product Evangelist
    • “Why should we hire you?” “Because if you don’t, no one’s going to take you seriously.”
    • Started MYOB Certified Consultant Program
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  • 00:15:04 More Time with Todd
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