“Amber Brown” (Apple TV+) Carsyn Rose Interview

At the time in our lives while most of us were working on our sixth-grade reading list and choosing an after-school club, Carsyn Rose is starring in her own streaming series, Amber Brown, about a creative young girl with kindness in her heart at only 11 years old.

Amber Brown, an original series written and directed by Bonnie Hunt and starring Sarah Drew as Amber’s mother, tells the story of a young girl who finds her own voice through art and music in the wake of her parent’s divorce.

In the pilot, Amber’s father lives in Paris, her mom has a new boyfriend and her best friend and next-door neighbor is moving away, forcing her to face sixth grade feeling alone. Once there, she finds her footing, despite her class’s dreaded cliques, who taunt their peers by not inviting all of the girls to the coveted sleepover.

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