Shanghai, China, July 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — On June 23rd, ANGELALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC. was awarded the “Most Honored Company” in Institutional Investor’s poll of 2022 All-Asia Executive Team. Ranked second overall in the category of Health Care & Pharmaceuticals, the company was at the second place in other four individual awards, namely “Best CEO”, “Best IR Professional”, “IR Program”, and “ESG”.

This year, a total of 1,612 listed companies across 18 sectors were nominated in the Institutional Investor 2022 All-Asia Executive Team Poll. Though it was the first time that ANGELALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC. was rated in the poll since its listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in June 2021, the company received various awards from the Institutional Investor, which highlights the capital market’s high recognition on ANGELALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC. in corporate governance and investor relations etc.

ANGELALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC. is a leading clear aligner treatment solution provider in China. Since established, the Company has been immersing itself in “digital orthodontics” by focusing on the needs of dental professionals and clinical scenarios. It has been developing industry-leading and proprietary technological capabilities in five disciplinary fields, including clinical stomatology, biomechanics, material science, computer science and intelligent manufacturing technology. With the help of continuously refined products and technological services, the company has been empowering doctors comprehensively. In face of an array of challenges from COVID-19 and weak consumption etc over the past year, ANGELALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC. maintained an agile forecasting on the market and quickly enforced coping strategies to seize opportunities at its best while devoted to long-term business growth. The Company achieved approximately 183,200 case shipments, served around 25,000 dental professionals throughout the year, gaining high-quality growth and breakthroughs, and further consolidating its leading position in China’s clear aligner market. According to the report by China Insights Consultancy, measured by the delivered case shipments in 2021, ANGELALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC. harvested a highest market share of 41.1% in China’s clear aligner industry.

ANGELALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC. Wins Several Awards on Institutional Investor Magazine’s “2022 All-Asia Executive Team”

Institutional Investor is one of the most influential financial magazines for global investment institutions and has enjoyed high credibility since its publication for more than 50 years. The magazine carries out management team survey for listed companies all over the world annually. Only certified financial professionals own the rights to vote, making the ranking of Institutional Investor one of the most authoritative rankings in the capital market, and its ranking results become a global investment trendsetter, recognized by buy-side investors and sell-side institutions.

This year, a total of 4,854 buy-side professionals and 670 sell-side analysts participated in this survey. Among them, the number of voters increased by 35% compared to 2021, reaching a record high, with an estimated $2 trillion in Asia (ex-Japan) equities. The nominated listed companies were rated on several core areas as below:

1. Services & Communications

Business & Market Knowledge

Accessibility of Senior Execs

IR Team Authority & Credibility



Earnings Calls

2. Financial Disclosure

Timing to Market (Timeliness)



3. CEO




4. CFO

Capital Allocation


Financial Stewardship

5. IR Professional

Overall performance

ANGELALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC. has been committed to helping doctors achieve stable, easy, fast, and accurate diagnosis and treatment through products and technological services driven by digital technologies, and bringing people healthy, straightened teeth and brighter smiles. ANGELALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC. specialized in digital dentistry, is keen to work with doctors to generate cutting-edge innovations based on doctors’ clinical feedback and patients’ needs. Furthermore, with continuous efforts in innovation and evolution, the company relies on its interdisciplinary R&D capabilities – it has built reliable technological and data platforms to provide more targeted and reliable solutions for complex malocclusion cases. At the same time, ANGELALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC. effectively implements international standard-based corporate governance, and has a hard-working, farsighted, and experienced management team.

As the “First Stock of Orthodontics in China”, ANGELALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC. boasts a management team that keeps taking a proactive and holistic attitude, firmly adheres to the principle of “Customer first” and upholds the mission of “Use technology to create brighter smiles to influence the world”. Under the two-wheel drive of medical science as the essence and technological innovation as the focus, the Company will give full play to its core advantages to stimulate the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and break the existing technological barriers, in the meantime, committed to remaining as the pioneer in the field of digital orthodontics in China and promoting the growth, transformation and sustainable development of China’s digital orthodontic ecosystem.




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