Apex Art Center to House Largest Urban Art Collection in the U.S. and Multipurpose Entertainment Complex in Everett

Carswell Family to Host “Not So Grand Opening Party” to Preview Urban Art Collection and Plans for Diverse Entertainment Center

EVERETT, Wash., May 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Carswell Family, who own the country’s most important collection of urban and graffiti art, will host the “Not So Grand Opening Party” 5:30-8 p.m. Wednesday, May 11 to preview their plans for the Apex Art Center which, when completed, will house one of the largest collections of urban and graffiti art and serve as a multipurpose entertain destination. This private collection has never been seen in public before.

John Carswell plans to transform and revitalize the former Knights of Columbus, Civic Center and Club Broadway 30,000-square-foot building into a dynamic multipurpose entertainment center that will include an urban-art museum and beautiful grand spaces for public use.

“For more than decade, our passion has been to build this collection,” said John Carswell. “By its very definition, graffiti and street art are painted over and temporary until we sponsored them to record their work on canvas. I am so excited to announce our new home to share this enormous collection with our community and the world.”   

The Carswells have spent more than a decade connecting with artists and have collected thousands of pieces—now called the Dog-Town Collection–forming arguably the most important collection of urban and graffiti art in the world. Over 100 selections from the collection will be on exhibit at the “Not So Grand Opening Party.”

Chief among them will be The Opus of Influence, a 105′ x 10′ canvas featuring large exciting multi-colored creative splashes of contemporary graffiti in portraits and cityscapes that echo their origin in the inner city of Los Angeles. The Opus of Influence is the collaborative result of 49 artists brought together by the Carswell’s to a sun-filled field in the Pacific Northwest. Original signature pieces and known expressions are joined with flourishes of form and color becoming one of the single largest artist collaborations of its kind in the world.

Partygoers also can see the award-winning documentary, “Prophets, Teachers and Kings,” a 65-minute film that documents the creation of The Opus of Influence. Many of the artists tell their own stories of their rise from juvenile delinquency to urban art infamy in the film. The film has appeared in 26 film festivals around the globe and is a winner of multiple international awards including Best Producer at the New York Film Festival and Feature Documentary winner at the Florence Film Festival. The documentary is ready for theater distribution and streaming properties.

Carswell added, ” Our intention is to introduce this collection and fantastic event space to Everett, which will serve as the hometown of the Dog-Town Collection.  This will be a wonderful evening celebration in bringing together the collection and its new perfectly suited home.” 

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