Beaten Cawthorn rants about ‘Dark MAGA’ and ‘gentile politics’

North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn on Thursday called for “Dark MAGA” to topple “the Uni-party” and shake up “gentile politics” in his first Instagram post since losing his Republican primary election on Tuesday.

The 26-year-old — who angered fellow House Republicans by suggesting that they do cocaine and invited him to orgies in DC — lost his primary bid to state Sen. Chuck Edwards, despite having former President Donald Trump’s endorsement.

“When the establishment turned their guns on me, when the Uni-party coalesced to defeat an America First member very few people had my back,” Cawthorn captioned a chart of people he considers “America First Patriots.”

“This list includes the lion share [sic] of figures that came to my defense when it was not politically profitable. These are honorable men and women who are the type of friends anyone yearns to have.”

Cawthorn listed Trump and a handful of conservative media figures and members of Congress as patriots.

“There are other National figures who I believe are patriots, but I am on a mission now to expose those who say and promise one thing yet legislate and work towards another, self-profiteering, globalist goal,” Cawthorn went on.

“The time for gentile politics as usual has come to an end. It’s time for the rise of the new right, it’s time for Dark MAGA to truly take command. We have an enemy to defeat, but we will never be able to defeat them until we defeat the cowardly and weak members of our own party. Their days are numbered. We are coming.”

MAGA is an acronym for Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan.

Cawthorn’s undoing escalated in the final stretch of his primary campaign for a second term, including the apparent revenge-porn release of a video of Cawthorn wearing little or no clothes as he thrust his pelvis into the face of another man.

He admitted that the video showed him being “crass” with a “friend.”

Cawthorn and his wife of eight months, Cristina Cawthorn, divorced in December.

Cawthorn included former President Donald Trump on his list of "America First Patriots."
Cawthorn included former President Donald Trump on his list of “America First Patriots.”
Twitter / Madison Cawthorn

The young wheelchair-using representative — who lost the use of his legs after a car crash — also incurred the ire of colleagues by referring to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as “a thug” and berating a staffer for Rep. David McKinley (R-W.V.) for accidentally listing him as a bill sponsor. Despite hand-written apology notes to McKlinley and his staffer, the West Virginia Republican asked the House Ethics Committee to investigate Cawthorn.

Cawthorn alienated many of his colleagues with a March interview with the “Warrior Poet Society” podcast in which he likened Capitol Hill to the corrupt and sexually charged environment portrayed in the Netflix series “House of Cards.”

“The sexual perversion that goes on in Washington. I mean, being kind of a young guy in Washington, where the average age is probably 60 or 70 — [you] look at all these people, a lot of them that I’ve looked up to through my life, I’ve always paid attention to politics,” Cawthorn said.

Cawthorn lost the primary to North Carolina state Sen. Chuck Edwards.
Cawthorn lost the primary to North Carolina state Sen. Chuck Edwards.
Angela Wilhelm/The Asheville Citizen-Times via AP, File

“Then all of a sudden you get invited. ‘We’re going to have a sexual get-together at one of our homes, you should come.’ ‘What did you just ask me to come to?’ And then you realize they’re asking you to come to an orgy.”

Cawthorn also claimed to have seen politicians snort cocaine.

“You watch them do a bump of cocaine right in front of you,” he said. “And it’s like, this is wild.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said Cawthorn admitted to him that the claims were either untrue or exaggerated.

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