Best Commercial Trash Cans for Your Business in 2022

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Finding the right commercial trash cans might not seem like a critical business decision at first glance, but choosing the right cans might make your customers more comfortable and your business mess and litter free.

Commercial trash receptacles come in various sizes and shapes, ranging from plastic round cans to galvanized pails and cans with lids, tilt and wheel trash cans with lids, and much more. So how do you pick the perfect trash can with such a wide selection?

We searched Amazon for the best commercial trash receptacles in 2022. We’ve included commercial garbage cans for indoor use, outdoor use, and of varying sizes. Check out our picks below:

Best Commercial Trash Receptacles

Below are our picks for the best industrial trash cans for your business. We hope they serve as a handy guide when you’re shopping.

Toter 64 Gallon Trash Can with Wheels and Attached Lid

Top Pick: The best commercial garbage cans are strong, easy to move, and odor resistant. Our top pick is by Toter, a company that promises durability, convenience, and value in all its commercial products.

Toter cans are manufactured through a patented molding process which allows for added rigidity and extra material in critical wear areas. This can also feature rugged wheels for easy maneuvering and a wear strip.

Toter 79264-R1129 64 Gallon Graystone Trash Can with Wheels and Attached Lid

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Rubbermaid Slim Jim Plastic Rectangular Commercial Trash Can

Runner Up: The Slim Jim by Rubbermaid Commercial Products are highly rated trash cans, and it is easy to see why.

The rectangular and slim nature of the can allows you to save space. It also features 4 built-in venting channels that reduce the vacuum effect when pulling out the liners from traditional garbage cans. Contoured base handles allow for a comfortable, secure grip when lifting or moving the can.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Slim Jim Plastic Rectangular Trash/Garbage Can

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Suncast Hideaway Outdoor Commercial Garbage Cans – 2 Pack

Suncast Trashcan Hideaway Outdoor Commercial Resin Garbage Waste Bin

Best Value: This pack of two outdoor trash cans is our best value pick. For under $150 you get 2 decorative outdoor trash cans with hinged lids to keep your refuse hidden away.

These cans each hold 30 gallons but have a slim design to not take up a lot of space. They are made from heavy-duty resin that resists fading and moisture.

Suncast Hideaway Outdoor Commercial Resin Garbage Waste Bin with Lid, 2 Pack

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Rubbermaid BRUTE Rollout Step On 32 Gallon Commercial Trash Can

Rubbermaid Commercial Products BRUTE Rollout Step On Trash/Garbage Can

Rubbermaid’s Brute is one of its larger models. This one is a 32-gallon can with a pedal step that opens the lid for hands-free opening. Its ergonomic handles make pushing and pulling more comfortable, and its UV-resistant, commercial-grade materials ensure it will last a long time.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products BRUTE Rollout 32 Gallon Commercial Trash Cans

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Safco Canmeleon Open Top Pentagon Commercial Trash Can

This trash can is designed for indoor or outdoor use – it is made from high-density polyethylene with UV inhibitors which keep it looking new. The open-top design allows your customers to easily dispose of trash without touching the can.

It also seamlessly fits in various environments thanks to the black color and unassuming design.

Safco Products Canmeleon Outdoor/Indoor Open Top Pentagon Trash Can

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Alpine Industries All-Weather Outdoor Trash Receptacle with Ashtray

Alpine Industries Rugged 40-Gallon All-Weather Outdoor Recycle Bin Trash Container

This durable 40-gallon trash receptacle is built to endure all weather conditions thanks to its steel lid and framing and powder-coated finish. It features an ashtray insert and a leakproof plastic insert bin to securely support trash bags.

The lid is lockable and can be removed for cleaning. This is an ideal receptacle for a heavy traffic outdoor area where large amounts of trash is expected.

Alpine Industries 40-Gallon Weather Resistant Metal Trash Receptacles with Lid

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United Solutions 32 Gallon Wheeled Outdoor Garbage Can – 2 pack

United Solutions 32 Gallon Wheeled Outdoor Garbage Can

United Solutions offers this set of 2 plastic trash cans, each with an easy-to-grip handle and snap lock lid. They are made from heavy-duty polypropylene to endure extreme temperatures and rough use.

Both of these outdoor trash cans have rugged wheels that promise to make transportation easy on smooth or rough terrain.

United Solutions 32 Gallon Wheeled Outdoor Use Plastic Trash Can with Snap Lock Lid

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iTouchless 23 Gallon Commercial Size Sensor Trash Can

iTouchless 23 Gallon Commercial Size Sensor Trash Can with AbsorbX Odor Control System

This high-tech commercial trash can by iTouchless has a sensor-operating lid, meaning you’ll never have to touch it to use it. Furthermore, it features an odor control system and includes a filter to eliminate trash odors and keep the area smelling fresh.

This unit has an attractive design and is made of fingerprint-proof stainless steel. It is expensive, but with the touchless lid feature, odor control system, and full warranty, this can could be well worth it.

iTouchless 23 Gallon Commercial Sensor Trash Can with Odor Control System & Wheels

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Safco Products Evos Trash Can with Stainless Steel Ashtray Urn

Safco Products Evos Outdoor, Indoor Trash Can

This can has an ashtray urn, taking care of the need for extra cigarette receptacles. Customers can safely dispose of their cigarettes and trash, creating less litter and mess.

Manufactured with stainless steel and a powder-coated finish, this waste receptacle can withstand heavy use and outdoor elements. This 38-gallon can is perfect for bar and restaurant patios, storefronts, picnic areas, and other high-traffic locations.

Safco Products Evos Outdoor/Indoor Trash Can with Stainless Steel Ashtray Urn

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HUBERT® Trash Receptacle Garbage Can with Tray Top Lid

HUBERT Trash Receptacle Garbage Can

If you have a food or drink business that uses trays, this garbage can by Hubert could be what you need. It has a place for used trays right on top of the lid, making it very convenient.

It is constructed from durable polyethylene and can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water. The lid has a push-in flap for customers to dispose of their trash.

HUBERT® Trash Receptacle Garbage Can with Tray Top Lid 39 Gallon Black

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How to Choose the Best Commercial Garbage Cans For Your Business

Choosing the right waste containers for your business is important. It can have a big impact on your brand impression – and your bottom line.

A good selection will spice up your décor. As you think about the best options for your business, you need to consider the amount of trash your business generates, the aesthetic appearance, durability, and ease of use, among other things.

Here are five things to look for when buying your commercial trash can.


Trash cans are a long-term investment, so you must make sure you choose a can that can withstand a variety of uses. Outdoors or indoors is one of the biggest factors to consider.

Volume and Available Space

How much trash does your business generate? This should help you determine the right size for your trash can. Larger bins will often come with wheels that make moving them easy.

You also need to consider your available trash bin storage area. Consider the narrow rectangular bins for narrow spaces.

Ease of Use

Most bins, especially larger ones, use handles that provide a comfortable, secure grip for easy handling. Open-top trash cans are a good option for high-traffic environments as they allow for easy toss-ins, while cans with a lid can help hide unsightly trash. Kitchen bins should have a lid, while office trash cans should be small and discreet.


You will periodically need to clean the trash cans regardless of the amount of trash collected. Make sure your trash can material allows for easy removal of the waste bags. You also need to invest in high-quality trash liners to avoid bag breaks.


Stainless steel is usually a good choice if you are looking for durability. You can also find some plastic cans that are strengthened with a UV inhibitor that ensures long life even in extreme environments.

How big is an industrial trash can?

Basically, as big as you need it to be. Trash receptacles come in a variety of sizes – you’ll want one that can handle the volume of trash you produce.

Don’t forget to recycle! Click here for our article on the best recycling bins for your business.


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