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Kristina Bone and Elaine Easter are running as Republicans for the office of St. Francois County Circuit Clerk in the Aug. 2 election. 

The duty of a Circuit Clerk is to assist the Circuit Court Judge in judicial duties by preparing and maintaining court records, collecting fees and fines, and processing paperwork. Clerks help with administrative aspects of a court, and are also responsible for summoning jurors and maintaining jury pools.

Kristina Bone

Kristina Bone

Bone is a longtime resident of Farmington, having lived in the city for 33 years, and is married to Clifton Bone, who is a Farmington Police sergeant. The couple have three children and four grandchildren.

Bone has worked at the courthouse for over 19 years, working in the civil department of the circuit clerk’s office, and for many years has been a supervisor. While loving her job, Bone said her family and members of the community encouraged her to run for Circuit Clerk.

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Bone has worked under current Circuit Clerk Vicki Weible her entire career, having been mentored by Weible during her time in the courthouse. Now, Bone helps manage the office and feels as though she is ready to take the lead.

Bone’s top priorities for the position include a focus on keeping cross training as a way to maintain and benefit the office staff, and ensuring the staff has a focus on teamwork to better serve the citizens of the county. Another big focus for Bone is for the team to be prepared for smooth transitions for the future. 

Elaine Easter

Elaine Easter 

Easter is a lifelong resident of St. Francois County, a graduate of Farmington High School, and has been married to David Easter for 42 years. The couple has three children, and she enjoys quilting.

Currently, Easter is a Court Program Specialist. During her 26-year career, Easter said she has had excellent mentors while she’s worked in the court system. She explained she knows how important it is for the court records to be accurate, and for the citizens of the county who have to go through the court system to know their records are accurate.

Having experience with both digital and non-digital filing, Easter believes it will help in having the clerks understand how important it is to understand the docket entries. Working with both Weible and Shirley Williford, Easter feels as though she was trained to be more controlled when it comes to the docket.

Easter’s main goals include to ensure records are maintained for accuracy, to let the staff know they are valued, and to bring back the option to get a passport at the circuit clerk’s office. Previously, residents of St. Francois County were able to get passports at the office, but it was stopped in 2020 due to COVID-19.

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