Boris Johnson will resign as Tories insist ‘reckless’ prime minister must go now – live updates | Politics

Tories say ‘reckless’ Johnson should be forced out now because letting him stay until autumn risky

Jessica Elgot

Jessica Elgot

Two ex-ministers have told the Guardian they think it not possible for Johnson to stay till the autumn.

One said: “He needs to be gone by tonight, Raab should take over.” Another said: “He needs to hand in the seals of office today and go. So we can have a caretaker PM.”

Another highly senior Tory source who has been with Johnson over the past 48 hours said his behaviour meant it was dangerous for the country for him to stay. The source said:

His behaviour in the last 48 hrs and been reckless and erratic. He cannot be trusted to lead the country until the autumn. God knows what he will do.

One former government adviser said it was “dangerous” for Johnson to stay in post. Another ex-minister called him “a disgrace”.

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