Brad Luttrell – Co-Founder of GoWild – Small Business Show Episode 283 – Business Brain

There are not many places I enjoy more than hiking along a river with a fishing pole or sitting in a duck blind with friends. Since I also love Small Business, I am always interested in meeting people that have created businesses in the outdoor space. Bringing together a love of outdoor activities like fishing and hunting with a revenue-generating business model seems like a dream come true to me.

Today we get to meet a business owner that has done just that. Brad Luttrell is the Cofounder of the GoWild social commerce platform for outdoor enthusiasts. Join your hosts Dave Hamilton and Shannon Jean as they learn about how Brad and his team have created GoWild.





  • 00:00:00 Small Business Show #283 for Wednesday, July 1, 2020
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  • Welcome to the Banter Brothers!
  • Brad Luttrell from GoWild, the Hunting, Fishing & Outdoors app
  • MLM for Dudes
  • Casually discussing “various levels of failures”
  • Starting a business to avoid the BS
  • Finding good co-founders
  • “We didn’t execute, so we didn’t deserve any of that.”
  • Building a “content” platform instead of a “follower” platform
  • “I’m competing against your email”
  • Biggest obstacle: the idea you can’t do everything.
  • Social Commerce is the Next Big Thing
  • The Restless Native podcast, and Gearbox Talk
  • Advice: Build a company roadmap
    • Include milestones, define each step
  • Find Brad Luttrell on LinkedIn
  • SBS 283 Outtro
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