Bridging the Gap between Films and Entertainment and Web3 Creating Original Content and IP

It has emerged as a one-of-a-kind production studio that empowers the community to build, develop and grow to be a part of the film and entertainment industry’s future.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 18, 2022 / The kind of massive developments and the insane level of growth a few industries have noticed over the years can be attributed to a variety of factors. One includes the adoption of the latest tech trends and tech advancements across industries, and the second factor is also the relentless drive and passion, and the incessant hard work of a few professionals, entrepreneurs, thinkers, and innovators who bring their ideas into action and work for a bigger “picture” in their respective industries, to ultimately inspire greatness in their fields and niches and attract massive development. To do that, optimizing the power and potential of the digital financial sector is something many industries have been doing, giving birth to incredible brands, platforms and businesses across niches. We couldn’t help but notice how Full Mint Films did the same by maximizing the opportunities in the digital space and bridging the gap between films and entertainment and Web3, creating original content and IP.

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Full Mint Films

Full Mint Films (FMF) has emerged as a one-of-a-kind production studio that brings together high-performing and tremendously talented, and knowledgeable entertainment professionals and creatives, and Web3 curators to create game-changing content and bring about new waves of developments in the industry. With meaningful partnerships merging with the Full Mint Films Collection of the most valuable Web3 assets, the team at Full Mint Films aims to bring about an e-Web3 entertainment revolution across the world. The team is determined with its mission to create original blockbuster content at the intersection of films and Web3. They are working toward intersecting traditional content and ultra-innovative Web3 tools and apps. This has what made them the first in the Web3 studio space to create bespoke original content.

Since traditional film and TV communities are not engaged, Full Mint will create and build immersive communities to be highly engaging across key social verticals by leveraging Full Mint Films holistically with the original projects’ portfolio it launches. This will pave the way for people to participate and have a voice of their own in the content they consume. Full Mint Films focuses on capturing a significant market share by utilizing the vertical production framework. The team wants to leave no stone unturned by being the first Web3 studio to transform NFT projects and communities into films and TV. The team will work according to the four phases they have planned for the growth of Full Mint Films’ original content.

In Phase 1, they will hold some of the most valuable NFT characters and cross them into mainstream media to build familiarity for the audience. In Phase 2, they will create adult comedy, short and long forms. Phase 3 will see beyond adult content, where Full Mint Films will cross into four quadrant commercial animated features in a combined NFT world. And, in Phase 4, after establishing the footholds of the known characters from the Full Mint Films Universe, they will create new character collections, creating an effortless connection of scripted content and the crypto community and back again. Through this, Full Mint Films will build utility value in various verticals, empowering the community and NFT holders.

Full Mint will then be releasing unique NFT collections under FMF’s original framework, intersecting within the storyline of the given project with Value, Opportunity, and Revenue Channels. The pathway to owned IP by Full Mint Films will provide intrinsic value for the company, where NFT characters/collections will live on the Full Mint Film balance sheet. Opportunities will be created by capitalizing on the community of the show, leveraging pre-licensed legendary NFTs that will launch subsequent FMF NFT collections. It will capture the revenue from the Mint of the NFT collections, and it will also launch one new NFT collection per season with an assumption of two seasons per year, per show.

Full Mint Films is also ready with its monetization model and will be providing services like talent resources to bring A-list talent to its network and partnerships, character development to transform the NFT characters into a full animated 3-D model, script creation and storytelling by building a writers room for the Web3 project for developing a cohesive script to translate to film/TV, full production to create long and short-form content and packaging and distribution to target major network and streaming services. Under the leadership of its executive team and advisors, they also have in place its growth strategy, which includes launching originals, expanding with studio services, and scaling content and services. The team is also looking forward to its seed round funding for taking care of aspects like marketing, new project development, and team development.

Full Mint Films have acquired the exclusive IP rights for films and TV of a blue chip Web3 portfolio. It is indeed on the path to bringing an e-Web3 entertainment revolution into the world.

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