Career politicians become part of the problem

Paul Wohlfarth

I read the recent guest column by Rep. Tim Walberg with his continual finger pointing at energy independence. Tim enjoys affixing blame with few solutions or admitting his own shortcomings.

Since Tim has now become a career politician, we have his record to look back on. In my first meeting with Tim, he announced that public town halls were all-invited and I addressed him about the massive export of American manufacturing jobs during the Bush administration. At that time he was for unregulated free trade and supported open trade without tariffs. Well, that has changed since he tied himself to Trump.

Now the congressman has been crowing about energy independence, blaming higher energy prices on the current president. We forget Tim’s involvement in regards to where we are now. Tim even admits to doublespeak on his energy independence when he says he’s for LG natural gas exports that raise demand for American-produced energy costing all of us higher utility bills.

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