Chelsea Martin – Noms Bake Shop – Small Business Show Episode 300 – Business Brain

It’s the 300th episode of The Small Business Show! We start this special episode with a conversation about some of the most important lessons we have learned over the past 6-years of recordings and guests. Then it’s on to a great interview!

Want people to remember your name? Feed them.  Our guest today has built a business around making a great impression on your current and potential customers with branded boxes of goodness that will put a smile on everyone’s face. Chelsea Martin is the Co-Owner of Noms Bake Shop where they specialize in connecting you with your customers on an entirely different level than standard marketing techniques. Since we all love cookies, I’m especially interested in learning about how they have created a business around something so important to all of us. Join your hosts Shannon Jean and Dave Hamilton as we learn why Noms isn’t really a cookie company after all.

  • 00:00:00 Small Business Show #300 for Wednesday, October 28, 2020
  • 300 Episodes of SBS
    • Takeaways from 300 Episodes
    • 00:01:50 Support Is Available 
    • 00:03:17 That which is monitored is managed
    • 00:04:16 Avoiding fear-based decisions
    • 00:05:10 The opportunity of telling your story
    • 00:06:51 The idea of action
    • 00:08:44 Learn how to give great customer service
    • 00:10:03 Reminding myself that I’m good at this!
    • 00:11:30 The value of resilience and grit
    • 00:13:55 There’s less risk than you think
    • 00:16:47 Turn off your TV!
    • 00:17:56 What do you want to know?
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    • 00:24:52 One, Two, World Domination!
    • 00:32:40 Delegating From Hobby to Job
      • Putting Duct Tape on the ground to map out the space
    • 00:39:56 Blending work and family conversation
    • 00:43:11 Realizing who you are as a company
    • 00:45:10 Coming up with your boxing and branding
    • 00:47:10 Listen to people, Stay true to your brand
    • 00:53:40 It was a learning opportunity
    • 01:00:20 Action: Listen to your people
    • 01:03:36 Find Chelsea at
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