If you’re looking for some great classic cartoons to watch, look no further than Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Max. Classics such as Rugrats, Spongebob Squarepants, and Thundercats are timeless classics that will appeal to all ages. You’ll be happy you did once you discover them. Here are some of our favorite shows from the golden age of animation. We’ve even included a few cult favorites in our list below. WWT TV https://tv.wwtmedia.com allows you to watch classic cartoons all day and night on demand.

There are many similarities between the zany characters of SpongeBob Squarepants and the characters of the classic cartoons. Both share a love of the ocean and love of the funny, silly, and innocent things in life. Both are lovable and endearing characters, but they do have their differences. SpongeBob’s tendency to panic at the slightest danger and his inability to recognize the true meaning of words demonstrates his inability to understand human emotions.

The first episode of SpongeBob SquarePants aired in 1999 on Nickelodeon. The show follows the underwater adventures of a talking yellow sea sponge named SpongeBob. He lives in the ocean and works at a fast-food restaurant. He is accompanied by his starfish pal Patrick and other aquatic friends. The series has been very popular and has spanned two decades of great entertainment.

Though the show is meant for kids, older kids and teens may find it more engaging. It all depends on the tastes of the kids in your home and your child’s age. If you are considering letting your child watch the show, you may want to let them preview a few episodes before they decide to give it a try. Hopefully, you will enjoy the show. Even if you are not a fan of this popular cartoon, you’ll still enjoy the series.

The animated series SpongeBob SquarePants first aired in 1999 and has become one of the top shows for kids for over ten years. Its zany stories have helped the show gain a huge following and is still enjoyed by millions of viewers worldwide. While the show is rated TV-Y, there are still aspects that you should be aware of before letting your child watch it.


RUGRATS is one of the longest-running animated series on television and a major reason why Nickelodeon is so successful today. The show features four adorable little siblings named Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil, and follows their adventures when their parents are preoccupied. The show was created by Arlene Klasky, Gabor Csupo, and Paul Germain, and ran for nine seasons. It also spawned several spin-off series and movies.

The concept of the show was based on the creators’ experiences raising kids. While the characters are young, the series is rooted in real-life themes that children and adults can relate to. Many episodes focus on everyday tasks that are misinterpreted by babies. This makes the show particularly appealing to both adults and kids, who enjoy seeing the world through the eyes of a cute, cartoony cat. The classic series is still enjoyed by fans of all ages and is a great way to pass down family values to children.

In addition to the original series, the Rugrats franchise has also produced several short films. These can be watched online via YouTube. Rugrats cartoons have a wide audience, and their stories are beloved by fans worldwide. However, some writers are less than thrilled to work on a revival series with someone as dissatisfied as Klasky. This may be due to their inability to reach an agreement with the producers, or because they were dissatisfied with the series.

Beyond Home Entertainment, the makers of the Rugrats movie, has recently acquired the rights to a CG animated revival series of the classic cartoon. It will premiere on Paramount+ in May. Paramount Home Entertainment has also announced that Rugrats will be released on DVD this summer. In 2001, the cartoon received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. However, the rerun of Rugrats lacked the innovative nature of its predecessor.

While the remake features familiar voice actors, long-time themes, and 3D CGI animation, it also reimagines the characters as adults. As the series continues to adapt to modern times, the adult characters will be voiced by new actors. The new generation of Rugrats will be faced with the challenges of millennial parenting, technological advancements, and distractions. The original series was the first ever to feature such characters and will continue to have a long and distinguished run in television.

Adventure Time

The first Adventure Time short was aired on Nicktoons on January 11, 2007. A year later, it appeared as part of Fred Seibert’s Random! Cartoons series showcase, which led to the creation of an animated series. The short was nominated for an Annie Award for Best Animated Short Subject. While the short and television series share many of the same elements, the latter has a more post-apocalic setting.

Unlike most “Adventure Time” crew members, Nick Jennings had a lot of experience in the animation industry, working as the animation director of “SpongeBob SquarePants” for five years. He helped to develop the overall look of the show and encouraged artist Tim Ward to keep the style of the pilot, avoiding over-experimentation. Eventually, the show’s production budget topped $1 billion and a third season of adventures would be in the works.

While the show had a huge fan base and a loyal following, it didn’t go on for longer than thirty episodes. The series was eventually cancelled, but it found a second life online with a small fan base. The show raked in nearly 300 episodes and received eight Emmy Awards. While this is disappointing news for the show’s creators, he is hoping that its legacy will live on. If fans continue to enjoy the show, they will pass it down to their children.

Another theme that runs throughout the show is healthy emotional processing. Perhaps the most striking example is “The Tower,” in which Finn mourns his lost arm by building a space tower to punch his deadbeat dad. A healthy emotional process can be modeled in this episode, and it is a wonderful example of the importance of doing so. This classic cartoon also offers a glimpse into the darker side of the human mind. A lot of the episodes have dark themes, but the cartoon’s characters are not afraid to express these themes.

While it may seem like the only show that is suitable for children, it’s hard to argue that this animated series is a timeless classic. Its popularity is undisputed and has influenced numerous other shows. Its success helped launch a media franchise and a short film. If you’re a fan of animation, there is no better time to dive in! Just remember, Adventure Time is an animated cartoon aimed at children, but it has also captivated an adult audience.


The Thundercats have made their way into pop culture through several animated movies and TV shows. In the first film, Thundera, the kingdom of the cats, is threatened by the evil sorcerer Mumm-Ra. Lion-O, the young heir to the throne, must fight the evil sorcerer with the help of his friends, including Tygra, Cheetara, and Panthro. They must also work with Snarf, their faithful pet.

One of the most famous cartoons of the 80s, ThunderCats has never lost its appeal and continues to be a cultural force to this day. Currently, Warner Bros. Animation is bringing the characters back to television in a new animated series, ThunderCats Roar. Set as an epic tale about the journey of a hero to fulfill his destiny, ThunderCats Roar promises tons of action and comedy.

Despite their popularity in the 80s, the ThunderCats have suffered from irritating humor. The series’ slow pace is usually the fault of the comic relief character Snarf. However, this isn’t the case with the 1985 series. Snarf is the weakest link in ThunderCats, as his actions are not always appropriate and can cause the entire show to drag. Therefore, Snarf is a necessary character, but it’s not a great addition to the cartoon.

Another animated television movie based on the ThunderCats was released in 1986, called ThunderCats – Ho!. This film featured three new Thundereans, anointed by Lion-O as ThunderCats. This movie also featured a large cast of returning characters and ended with the seemingly annihilation of Mumm-Ra. Leonard Starr wrote the story and the movie was split into five separate episodes, resulting in the release of a television movie in 1986.

The ThunderCats show is an ideal example of the science fiction, fantasy, and hero-driven cartoon for children of the ’80s. The storyline revolves around the heroes risking their lives to defeat their enemies and helping the downtrodden. The ThunderCats show teaches viewers about morality and teamwork, while the main characters work as a team to protect the innocent. This is why it’s so important to watch this cartoon for kids!