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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 1 of Conversations with Friends.]

Starring Alison Oliver, Joe Alwyn, Sasha Lane, and Jemima Kirke, the drama tells the story of two best friends (and former girlfriends) as they form a friendship with a married couple. Things get a little complicated when strong feelings turn into an affair that changes the group’s entire dynamic.

If you have yet to tune in to the show, we’d advise turning back now as we delve into spoiler territory below.

As viewers know, best friends, students, and on-again-off-again girlfriends Frances (Oliver) and Bobbi (Lane) meet Melissa (Kirke) at an open mic night where they recite their poems. Melissa, in turn, introduces the women to her husband, actor Nick (Alwyn). Upon meeting, Nick and Frances have an instant spark that ignites into a passionate affair.

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The relationship doesn’t stay secret forever, but when Melissa surprisingly doesn’t stop Nick and Frances from following through with their relationship, more drama ensues. Ultimately, the affair comes to an end toward the season’s conclusion, Bobbi and Frances reignite their romance, and Nick and Melissa stay together.

But in the finale’s final moments, Nick accidentally calls Frances, and the two chat about how things ended between them. Frances opens up about being diagnosed with endometriosis, a detail that reinforced her decision to end things with Nick, who had mentioned wanting to have kids in the future.

In turn, Nick admits that he still cares for Frances, saying, “I have this impulse to be available to you all the time.” In response to this, Frances delivers the final line of the series, saying, “Nick, come and get me.” The statement suggests that the pair may continue their messy entanglement just as their lives appeared to be getting on track. So, could there be more to their story?

Conversations with Friends, Joe Alwyn and Alison Oliver

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There’s no denying their palpable chemistry, and we couldn’t help but ask the executive producers about the possibility of a second season of Conversations with Friends. Sadly, it would seem that the series will follow in the footsteps of Hulu’s other Sally Rooney adaptation, Normal People this is a one-season deal.

“All our lives are unfinished stories until we shuffle off ultimately,” executive producer Ed Guiney points out. “And there’s something I think very satisfying and enriching about seeing someone’s experience for a moment in time. Undoubtedly, they’ll all go on to do fascinating things in some fictional universe.”

The likelihood of seeing more within that fictional universe isn’t entirely likely though as Guiney adds, “You’re always in dialogue with the novel as you move through the creation of these shows. And maybe if Sally wrote sequels, we’d love to be part of it, but they’re her characters and her stories. So we feel very privileged to get to play in the Rooney-verse.”

Guiney’s fellow executive producer Emma Norton feels similarly, noting that everyone’s interpretation of the ending is different based on their own experiences. “I like the idea that everyone can have an individual map of where those stories might go that plays in their own heads,” Norton says. “That was my experience in the book. And I like that being just a sort of open space.”

So, while another season isn’t promised, viewers are welcome to imagine Frances, Nick, Bobbi, and Melissa’s next chapter for themselves. Let us know what you think in the comments below — should Conversations With Friends return for more episodes?

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