Dixieland Band performs at ‘Tuesdays in the Park’

E. Hambleton

On Tuesday, Jackson French Quarter Dixieland Band lit up Mrs. Stock’s Park with energy.

For the third week, Mrs. Stock’s Park hosted “Tuesdays in the Park” free performances for residents to enjoy. Dixieland Band shared an upbeat performance of traditional New Orleans jazz filled with humor and fun.

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According to leader Phil Bickel, the band has been playing for 38 years in and around Hillsdale County. For the last two years, Bickel has been a resident of Hillsdale.

“When I moved down here from Jackson,” Bickel shared, “I knew I was going south so I thought ‘Hey, good, the winters will be a lot warmer!’ Haven’t noticed it. But it’s a great area and a delight to be here!”

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