Dynamite Entertainment Launches New Darkwing Duck Series

Per Comic Book Resources, Dynamite Entertainment announced that they’re launching a new series featuring Darkwing Duck. A new title starring the Disney superhero launches at the beginning of 2023. Drake Mallard, the titular hero, briefly appeared in the 2017 Duck Tales reboot series with a different origin than he had in the ’90s. Not only will the character receive brand new stories to follow, Dynamite noted: “His classic adventures will be reprinted as well in facsimile editions and graphic novels. The hard-to-find 1991 limited series released by Disney Comics with contributions by John Blair Moore and others will soon be accessible again to fans and collectors of classic Disney comics.”

Dynamite Entertainment's Darkwing Duck

Darkwing Duck’s Comic Book History

Drake Mallard is no stranger to comic books. Disney Comics published a four-issue miniseries in 1991 in conjunction with his Disney Channel series. Disney Adventures Magazine saw several stories featuring Darkwing Duck. Marvel Comics produced the Disney Afternoon comic in the ’90s. Sadly, that title was not long for this world. In 2010, BOOM! Studios published another four-issue miniseries titled The Duck Knight Returns. It received enough attention and success that BOOM! gave the character his own ongoing series, but it sadly ended after 18 issues. Joe Books released a third comic book series in 2016. Unfortunately, it didn’t garner as much success as its predecessor and ended prematurely after eight issues.

Dynamite Entertainment adds to its Disney properties after just announcing that they’re also publishing a new Gargoyles series. Another popular animated series from the ’90s. Darkwing Duck launches in early 2023shortly after the new Gargoyles series that promises to reprint old stories and new ones.

These characters can be seen before their new comic book titles on Disney+. Jim Cummings voiced the character in his original series, which saw 91 episodes throughout three seasons. Chris Diamantopoulos voices him in the 2017 DuckTales reboot.

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