FaceHeart, iStaging and ible Technology to Win Global Challenge (Coup de Coeur) at VivaTech 2022

TTA Startups: FaceHeart, ible Technology, iStaging Won Judge’s Favorites in Coup de Coeur

TTA startups have drawn attention from investors at the final of Coup de Coeur, where FaceHeart, ible Technology, and iStaging won “Judge’s Favorites”. Faceheart’s solution is packed into FH Vitals™ SDK, allowing seamless integrations into a variety of settings to remotely measure key vital signs. It helps to improve human health by transforming the healthcare, home automation, and insurance industries through its proprietary video-based rPPG technology. On the other hand, ible Technology has the smallest wearable air purifier, Airvida, in world. The device removes PM2.5, virus and etc., which has been tested and verified by authoritative laboratories. Last but not least, iStaging is a SaaS provider of out-of-the-box Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions for Business. It aims to help companies and brands transcend physical spaces and products, by crafting immersive solutions that empower visualization and live interaction. Beside Coup de Coeur, iStaging was also shortlisted for the LVMH Selection, and is expected to have further cooperation.

TTA Startups Earned a Big Success

During VivaTech 2022, MOST forms TTA pavilion to showcase innovation in diverse industries. TTA startups have great success at VivaTech 2022; corporations, investors and media were interested in TTA startups, and 3 fine startups won Judge’s Favorites in Coup de Coeur. TTA looks forward to further cooperation with the world and will continuously help Taiwan startups connect with global industries and further enhance domestic development of startups and innovation.

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