Family out of the hospital after their home exploded in Plum

PLUM (KDKA) — A neighborhood has been left rattled after a home exploded in Plum Borough, leaving nothing but pieces behind. 

A cousin of the family involved in the explosion told KDKA that all five members of the family who were injured are out of the hospital this morning and despite the shock that’s still there, everyone is doing okay. 

At this time, there are multiple investigations going on, trying to figure what caused this explosion. 

According to people’s gas, a preliminary investigation found no leaks or any indication of any failure in the pipeline.

A spokesperson told KDKA that they will continue safety checks in the area and work with the fire marshal’s office, which is leading the investigation.

The Pennsylvania Utility Commission’s safety division is also investigating along with the fire marshal.

A spokesperson tells us they are working to determine if a public utility service was involved, as well as looking into a possible cause and circumstances surrounding the incident.

In the meantime — KDKA has learned that this home was just sold to a company that wanted to flip the home.

 Then it was sold to the family living in it in December — before the explosion.

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