Commerce technology platform FreedomPay has announced its partnership with PAX Technology in order to provide improved commerce services for global clients.

Following this announcement, FreedomPay is set to introduce PAX Technology devices and products to its customers and clients in order to deliver an improved, secure, and unified checkout experience. This will take place by providing merchants and traders with FreedomPay’s loyalty programs and data analytic capabilities as well. 

The collaboration aims to develop and optimise the manner in which FreedomPay remains committed to fostering an open, secure, and accessible ecosystem for its industry partners and merchants. By incorporating the 4G wireless connectivity services, businesses and traders will be given the possibility to make fast and efficient transactions. Furthermore, PAX Technology will also provide its all-in-one devices, in order to integrate both point-of-safe and payments, to simplify the checkout experience for users, while also streamlining operations in a secure manner. 


Commerce technology platform FreedomPay has announced its partnership with PAX Technology in order to provide improved commerce services for global clients.


FreedomPay’s strategy of development

US-based company FreedomPay provides its customers and partners with the Next Level Commerce platform in order to improve their already existing payment systems and processes, making them more secure, efficient, and fast. The firm announced multiple collaborations in the last couple of months, covering several geographic areas around the world.

FreedomPay partnered with Visa in June 2023, aiming to offer clients a global omnichannel network tokenisation experience. The collaboration was set to incorporate Visa’s network tokenisation capabilities into FreedomPay’s global identity and tokenisation framework. 

The omnichannel global tokenisation solution planned to offer network tokens across card brands, in order to keep merchants and traders compliant with cross-border and in-region data regulations and privacy regulations. In addition, the companies also focused on optimising the manner in which traders qualify for lower interchange rates for definite Visa network tokenisation payments and transactions. 

Network tokenisation was also set to improve the process of streamlining customer journeys, offering them a secure and efficient experience across merchants’ locations and borders. The newly launched products were integrated into FreedomPay’s identity suite. 

Earlier in January 2023, FreedomPay integrated Elo’s M60 Pay handled computer into its overall commerce technology, aiming to optimise the checkout experience of its customers and clients. Throughout this collaboration, both of the companies were set to improve the digital in-store experience of shoppers by combining Elo’s interactive solutions with FreedomPay’s commerce technology platform. This focused on designing a secure, frictionless, and unified shopping experience for clients around the world, while also supporting merchants with robust loyalty, as well as data analytics offerings. 

The Android-based M60 Pay computer was also able to change from a mobile to a fixed POS service, with an optional docking station, Elo touchscreen monitor, and its expansion module. 

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