If you’re looking for a hip hop radio station, you’ve come to the right place. The following articles will explain how to find one in your area. In addition to KDEY-FM, you can also listen to WDKX, KBXX 97.9 The Box, and WHUR-FM. In addition, you can check out my previous articles to learn more about the history of hip hop radio stations. Worldwide Tweets Radio has over 10,000 radio stations for you to listen to 24/7. Make sure you visit radio.wwtmedia.com today.


Classic hip hop is one of the best types of music to listen to on a radio station, and this is certainly the case with KDEY-FM. It is owned by the Meruelo Group and is broadcasting at 93.5 MHz on the FM dial. This radio station is located in Ontario, California, with its transmitter on the side of Haven Mountain. The music format consists of hip hop, rap, and R&B.

The station broadcasts a wide variety of music, and besides classic hip hop songs, it also features classic songs as well as new hip hop and urban music. The show lineup also includes interviews with hip hop experts. Listeners can also catch a variety of radio shows on the station. If you’re not a fan of the genre, you can listen to hip hop on this station to see how it’s evolved over the years.

KDEY-FM was formerly known as KDAY. It was originally licensed to Redondo Beach, California and served the greater Los Angeles area. It is currently owned by Meruelo Media and is devoted to playing classic hip hop. Its transmitter and studios are located in Burbank, while the station simulcasts it on KDEY-FM in Ontario, CA. Its popularity is increasing, but the station remains a staple of the local hip-hop scene.

In 2004, Magic Broadcasting sold KDAY-FM to Chinese media executives for $120 million. The acquisition will allow Meruelo to keep the station’s current Classic Hip-Hop format. The deal will close on January 1, and the two stations will operate under the same Local Media Agreement. This is a significant deal for both stations, and it is a move that will help the local hip hop scene.


WDKX 103.9 FM is a Rochester, New York-based broadcast radio station that plays Hip Hop, Rap, and Urban R&B. Founded in 1964, it is Rochester’s first locally-owned, black radio station. Today, it is Rochester’s number-one community station, providing Hip Hop and R&B music, as well as other genres. To hear WDKX music, visit the WDKX website.

WDKX has been a staple of the Rochester community since its founding. The station focuses on empowerment of the community and is a significant element of the community. The station employs over 30 people in the Rochester area and reaches millions of people every year through digital platforms. In addition, WDKX was founded by Andre Langston’s son and granddaughter. While he may have started out as a radio personality, he has since moved on to a more mainstream role.

KBXX 97.9 The Box

KBXX 97.9 The Box is a Houston-based hip hop and R&B radio station. It is part of the Radio One radio network and its transmitter is located in Missouri City, Texas. The station’s morning show is hosted by Madd Hatta, who has been on the air since 1995. Initially launched as a Rhythmic Contemporary station, it later moved to the Urban Contemporary Airplay panel. However, the station remains part of the Radio & Records Rhythmic Airplay panel.

This Houston hip hop radio station focuses on the music genres of rap, R&B, and Rhythmic Contemporary. It is part of the three-station cluster KMJQ, KBXX, and WXRK. The station has an effective radiated power of 100,000 watts. It broadcasts in a hybrid format called HD Radio. The station also accepts requests from listeners.


WHUR-FM is home to the original Quiet Storm program. First airing in 1976, the program is named after a romantic hit by Smokey Robinson. It was a love song heavy format that wowed listeners nationwide. The format was so popular that WHUR shifted to digital radio and 98.3 FM, using the HD Radio system. This helped the station achieve the number one spot for the night in D.C. Listeners were not disappointed as the format was carried nationwide.

WHUR-FM is an urban adult contemporary radio station based in Washington, D.C., owned by Howard University. The station is one of the few university owned commercial radio stations in the country and has a remarkably strong signal that stretches from Richmond, VA to Baltimore, MD. In addition to music, WHUR also broadcasts the syndicated Steve Harvey Morning Show and other programs. You can listen to WHUR-FM online, and on your FM radio or satellite receiver.

While WHUR was originally a hip hop radio station, its programming has a distinctly retro feel. The station’s promo features the original Quiet Storm host Melvin Lindsey, who played Earth, Wind & Fire’s live version of “Reasons” over again. This song could be heard in every dorm room in Baldwin Hall. WHUR also features mentions of Jean Carne and Norman Connors, who were former hosts of WHUR in the ’70s.

Another radio station for hip hop enthusiasts is KDEY-FM in Ontario, California. With a unique personality, the station keeps a pulse on the hip hop scene. It introduces new artists on its regular shows while playing classic hip hop hits. Its online format also makes it convenient for listeners who need a soundtrack to their day. There’s also a podcast of classic hip hop songs, which makes it an ideal choice for daily listening.

Street 94.5 FM

Atlanta’s streetz 94.5 FM hip hop radio station is a licensed noncommercial station that operates in the metro Atlanta area. Originally licensed to the eastern suburb of Social Circle, the station is now operated from the WUPA TV tower, which is located near Interstate 20. Originally on a smaller tower, “Streetz” teamed up with Yung Joc to create the program. In 2012, the station got into a legal battle with Kickin94.5FM over satellite interferences.

The Atlanta Streetz 94.5 FM hip hop radio station also features a morning show called The ‘Streetz Morning Takeover,’ hosted by Yung Joc, and featuring DJ Sue Solo. The station is distributed by Superio, and in the near future, a Street 94.5 Atlanta station will also be added to Charlotte and Albany, GA. Listening to hip hop on the go is easy and fun with Streetz 94.5 FM’s online radio service.