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Lessons learned from Aidin Ghavimi

Attorney Aidin Ghavimi is a well-known personal injury attorney who specializes in a variety of cases, from auto collisions and defective products to dog attacks and catastrophic brain injuries. His success rate in winning cases has led to millions of dollars in compensation for clients. Prior to practicing as a lawyer, Aidin Ghavimi worked for one of the nation’s largest insurance companies, defending them in high-profile lawsuits and contract disputes.

A successful attorney values relationships with clients. Aidin Ghavimi makes himself available to his clients around the clock and gives his cell phone number to clients so they can contact him with questions. He is also an active member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association and the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles. He also devotes time to providing pro bono legal services to low-income people in the greater Los Angeles area through community-based free legal clinics.

Steps to take immediately after a truck accident

Depending on the extent of the damage, a truck accident can be a devastating event. Many victims suffer permanent injuries or even die. Taking the appropriate steps immediately after a truck accident can mean the difference between a successful recovery and a lengthy legal battle. Some of these steps may require hospitalization, but others can be handled before you even leave the scene in an ambulance. Here are a few steps to take right away:

Notify local law enforcement. Report the accident to the police. A police report will give a detailed account of the events that led to the collision and the physical damage and injuries that occurred. You may even receive a settlement after filing a police report. Regardless of who is to blame, be honest and cooperative with law enforcement. You don’t want to endanger the safety of the other driver’s vehicle, or make a claim against them.

Seek medical attention immediately. Seeking medical attention is essential, even if you do not feel any pain. Diagnostic tests may reveal invisible conditions, and they could even save your life. In addition to seeking medical care, you need to identify other people involved in the accident and any witnesses of the crash. If possible, contact the company truck driver as well. You may be able to hold multiple parties liable for damages to your vehicle and injuries to yourself.

Call 911. Emergency responders can help with traffic reconstruction, transport the injured party to a hospital, and gather important information about the accident. If the driver is insured, collect their insurance information, if applicable. Also, note the name and badge numbers of the people who are responding to your crash. If you are unable to contact the insurance company, you should not exchange information with the other driver. Besides, it could result in a lawsuit.

Steps to file a compensation claim

The first thing you should do after a truck accident is gather information. You should gather as much information as possible – from photographs to contact information – and note down the circumstances that led to the crash. Take photographs of any visible injuries and damage and get the contact information of witnesses. You should also take notes about the accident, including the road conditions, weather, and other details. You can even use your mobile phone to take photos of the accident.

If the accident was your fault, the trucking company may refuse to pay a fair amount. However, it is important to preserve any evidence that you may have from the accident. Talk to witnesses and hire a private investigator to visit the scene of the accident. Your attorney will also contact other witnesses to document the accident. In addition, make sure not to admit fault because this can harm your case and make it difficult to recover compensation.

After the accident, contact the insurance companies involved. Most insurance policies include a “Cooperation and Notice of Occurrence” clause. This clause is a contractual obligation between the driver and the insurer. This clause requires the driver to notify their insurance company as soon as possible after an accident and to cooperate with the insurance company throughout the investigation. If the insurance company finds that you were at fault, you can file a claim based on your negligence.

After an accident, get medical attention if necessary. Make sure you document your injuries, including any lost wages or hospital bills. You should also collect photographs of the accident site and other vehicles damaged during the collision. Additionally, take photos of any visible injuries you suffer – especially if they are visible – as they may change over time. Make sure you document any visible injuries as well, as they can fade in color, shape, and severity.

Identifying negligent parties in your claim

Identifying the negligent parties in your truck accident claim is critical to securing compensation. In New York, for example, you can only sue for damages if the other driver was at fault. However, you can still file a claim if the truck driver was partially to blame. Here are the steps to take. First, write down the contact information of the trucking company representative who made contact with you. Then, tell them to contact your attorney so that your attorney can get in touch with them.

Next, call the police. They will complete an accident report. Don’t admit fault to the police. It’s best to obtain a copy of the report. You’ll need it for a lawsuit or insurance claim. If you find any errors in the report, you can request a correction. If you don’t think this is possible, you can hire an attorney to do so. Once you’ve identified the responsible parties, you can move on to the next step.

Identifying the negligent parties in your truck accident claim can be a difficult process. If the other party was not listed on the claim, the lawsuit may be thrown out by the courts. Fortunately, truck accident lawyers can help you with this process. In many cases, trucking companies can be held responsible for the accidents involving their vehicles. If they didn’t do so, an innocent party might suffer harm because of the negligence of another party.

Identifying negligent parties in your truck accident case involves determining who was at fault in the truck accident. Often, the negligent truck driver is an independent contractor, so the truck driver’s employer can claim that the driver was not an employee. However, the courts will still consider whether the employer had sufficient control over the actions of its truck driver. If the answer is “no,” it’s important to retain an attorney who can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Cost of hiring a truck accident lawyer

You may be wondering, “How much does it cost to hire a Los Angeles truck accident lawyer?” Most individuals are unsure of this question until they’ve been involved in a catastrophic accident involving a large commercial truck. The good news is that these attorneys can fight for you and your case. These professionals will fight for the compensation you deserve and get you the settlement you deserve. If you’re unsure of how much your case is worth, a free consultation is a great way to get started.

An experienced Los Angeles truck accident lawyer can work to maximize your settlement. The law requires the hiring of investigators and preservation of evidence, which is crucial for winning a lawsuit. In addition to preserving evidence, a trial lawyer has to communicate effectively with the insurance company, trucking company, police, witnesses, and medical care providers. They also may pursue a wrongful death case. These attorneys are skilled in their field and are dedicated to protecting their clients’ rights.

Getting medical treatment is essential if you’ve been injured in a large truck accident. Although many injuries will be immediately apparent, the stress of an event can mask the severity of injuries and pain. Seeking medical attention will not only protect your health, but will also provide documentation that will help you prove your case in court. If you’re unable to afford to hire a Los Angeles truck accident attorney, consider retaining an attorney for your case.

While truck drivers are required to follow safety regulations, they are often rushed and may not take time to rest. Many of these accidents are fatal or catastrophic. Because truck drivers are working long hours, it’s vital to hire a truck accident lawyer who understands the intricacies of the industry. When a truck driver is distracted, he can be at fault for the accident. In such a situation, a truck accident lawyer is essential to help the victims recover the compensation they deserve.