House votes to make Branson Missouri’s live entertainment capital

The Missouri House of Representatives voted to designate Branson as the “Live Entertainment Capital” of the Show-Me State.

On Wednesday, legislation from Rep. Brian Seitz, R-Branson, passed with a vote of 107-27, with nine members voting present.

Missouri State Treasurer Vivek Malek and Branson Rep. Brian Seitz speak Thursday afternoon at the Greene County Elections Center in Springfield about Seitz'z bill to require public investments, like pensions and public endowments, to divest from countries that the U.S. has sanctioned or has classified as adversaries.

“Branson has long been synonymous with world-class entertainment, drawing millions of visitors each year to experience its unique charm and hospitality,” said Seitz. “By officially designating Branson as the ‘Live Entertainment Capital’ of Missouri, we are not only celebrating its cultural significance but also laying the foundation for sustained economic prosperity for our state.”

Tourism is the primary driver of the Branson economy, as well as one of the state’s primary economic drivers. In 2022, the state brought in $18.4 billion through tourism, of which $4 billion, or about 22%, comes from Branson.

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