If you’re looking for an efficient way to promote your iTunes music, you may have wondered where to start. This article covers edmupdaily, SubmitHub, and Soundplate. To make your life easier, we’ve listed the best methods for promoting your music and recommended some of the most effective methods. Read on to discover more! To begin with, consider using social media to promote your music! In addition to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can use social networking sites for iTunes promotion. The best by far is iTunes Exposure. They deliver real results you can see and they also provide you with a report showing all work that was done. You might not become the next Beyonce with just one campaign but you will be noticed.


Many musicians have tried Soundplate for their music promotion, but most have been disappointed. It doesn’t provide much guidance or consultation, but its free service does have some definite advantages. The Soundplate platform allows musicians to submit their music to countless playlists organized by genre. As long as the music is free of copyright and otherwise legal issues, it’s worth a try. Here are some ways to maximize your Soundplate exposure.

Playlist Pitching: This feature is limited to EDM, Rap & Hip-Hop, Rock, and Pop artists. It pitches your tracks to playlists created by curators. It’s free, but you’ll have to follow an account of a playlist curator to gain exposure. You can then submit your track to playlists and wait for curators to give it a thumbs up. Soundplate can help you promote your music for free on Spotify and in iTunes.


The SubmitHub music promotion service allows you to share your music with people who like it. There are more than half a million songs shared with the SubmitHub community, which is an impressive number. But SubmitHub is also a giant in the room. And, like any giant, rejection is hard to take. Thousands of songs have been rejected by SubmitHub, and their stories are widely documented online and in music communities. The following are 10 important rules to follow to increase your chances of getting heard.

First, you should know that SubmitHub has 2,000 active curators, and half of them are bloggers and playlisters. The rest are radio stations, record labels, and social media influencers. Curators choose which songs to approve by listening to the most recent submissions and comparing the number of recent approvals with the songs from the same genre. Afterwards, they choose which artists to feature. The cost of using the SubmitHub service is $6 for every submission, but you can reach 100 curators for more than $100.


The edmupdaily music promotional service allows you to get your song heard by hundreds of thousands of people through its free newsletter. Its service involves writing targeted posts and sharing them on popular music websites. The emails are sent to 5000 DJs and music curators who will then share them with their followers. Among other things, the service provides personalized social media updates and has an email database with over 100 million users.

Gustavosantos89, an Amazon Music playlist owner, will add your song to the list and make it available to their thousands of followers. The playlist will be live for two months and will remain active. Another music promotion service offered by Edmupdaily is Beatport. It owns several charts and works with popular artists to place their music on them. The basic package allows your song to appear on popular Beatport charts. The premium package puts your song on the first chart.

iTunes Exposure

If you want your music to gain maximum iTunes exposure, you should consider hiring a music promotion service. There are many Apple Music promotion companies that offer various services to help both major and indie artists gain exposure. With the help of these services, you can boost your online presence and make more money. If you’re new to music, you should consider hiring an iTunes exposure music promotion service. The cost of this service can be costly, but it will surely pay off in the long run.

There are several benefits of using an iTunes Exposure music promotion service. The service has been around since 2003, and it has helped many major and indie artists gain exposure by charting their music on iTunes. Other benefits of using this service are that you can work with freelancers for fast turnarounds and up-front prices. You can also make use of social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook to market your music. This way, your music will get more exposure and attract more listeners.


One of the best features of Songcast is the ability to create customized radio shows, showcasing your music and featuring a professional radio announcer. Those listening to the radio show will be encouraged to purchase or download your music. The music shows are then uploaded to Soundcloud and updated as needed, serving as an electronic press kit and a means of booking live performances. Using Songcast for your music promotion needs is easy!

The Service tracks user preferences, including likes and dislikes, frequency of listening, skips, and interactions with advertisements. SongCast may share this information with third parties for advertising purposes. SongCast also uses these statistics to determine whether to make changes to the Service or to tailor its advertisements to individual users. This service may not be right for every artist, but it can be beneficial for some artists.

As an active musician, it is important to make sure that your music is distributed through multiple channels. For example, listing your music on iTunes or Spotify alone won’t get your music out there. Different channels have different requirements. But SongCast makes it simple to get your music featured on all of these platforms, which will increase your earnings and help you measure your success. It’s easy to get started with SongCast, so why wait? Take a look at the features of this music promotion service and decide for yourself if it’s right for you.


SoundOn is a new TikTok music promotion service that provides artists with the ability to sign record deals, collaborate with established artists, and gain additional exposure. This platform has recently launched in the UK, US, Brazil, and Indonesia. The service works with a network of record labels to help artists achieve their dreams. SoundOn offers its members the ability to get signed to record labels, co-write with established artists, and earn additional income.

The music videos that you post on TikTok should feature your music and fit with the spirit of the platform. Do not use your account to post behind the scenes videos or snippets of upcoming tracks. Rather, use your channel to inspire users to download your music and share it with their friends. Moreover, you can also share your videos with other social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. TikTok is a popular platform for music-lovers.

The visual nature of TikTok allows you to share and promote your music in an entertaining way. According to a 2020 GlobalWebIndex survey, a majority of Gen Z uses TikTok to consume fun content. To take advantage of this unique feature, artists like The Crawlers have successfully promoted their music by using parodies of their own videos to go viral. This creative method of music promotion appeals to Gen Z as they connect with the person behind the music and enjoy the unique content.


The biggest problem with the current Instagram algorithm is that it tends to select posts that it thinks users will enjoy. This is great for the user experience, but terrible for artists trying to promote their music. One way to combat this problem is to pay for post sponsorship. This way, you’ll be able to reach more people and increase your interaction rate. Here’s how to get your music featured on Instagram. Read on to discover some ways to increase your engagement rate.

Create your content in a way that engages your fans and builds superfan relationships. One of the most effective ways to do this is to post videos on Instagram’s live feature, which can be as short as 15 seconds. The reels should be fun, catchy, and music-focused, but they can be in any genre, including memes or curated content. For maximum results, make sure to post about once every three days.


YouTube music promotion services are designed to help you get your music heard and seen on various social networks. While YouTube was once only about funny videos, it has grown so much more. Now, upcoming artists are capitalizing on this platform to spread the word about their music. Listed below are three of the most effective YouTube music promotion services. If you’re unsure whether or not you need a YouTube music promotion service, check out the following articles.

Daimoon Media has been in the YouTube music promotion industry for a long time. Their unique and custom-made message boards are accessible to millions of users. Using the app, you can promote your music videos, livestream and get exposure. Media Mister also helps you gain fame and traffic for free. All these features make it easy to promote your music, videos, and other content. With these services, your videos can go viral in just a few minutes!