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How to Put Happiness Before Hustle with Donna Maria Featured ImageDonna Maria is a certified entrepreneur mentor, attorney, podcaster, and author. After working as an attorney, she launched the Indie Business Network, a coaching, mentoring, and training company serving American maker entrepreneurs. In her new role as the Lifestyle CEO, Donna mentors entrepreneurs. She trains business owners to design and build a solid business platform and create happiness and success to generate income for a lifetime.

Today, Donna shares her journey from being an attorney to becoming an entrepreneurial mentor. She details the Indie Business Network and describes the types of members it has. She reveals what it means to be a lifestyle CEO and the core values you need to consider. She provides tips on escaping the cycle of stress that owning a business can cause and creating a company that will generate income for life. Donna also describes recommended business models for recurring revenue, tips on managing remote teams, and how to engage your customers uniquely.

“You create a life that you want, and you build a business on top of that.” – Donna Maria

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This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

  • How Donna got started on her entrepreneurial journey
  • The Indie Business Network and the typical members involved
  • What it means to be a Lifestyle CEO
  • The core values of a Lifestyle CEO
  • How to get off the hamster wheel of stress that business can become
  • What is needed to build a company that will generate income for a lifetime
  • Specific business models that Donna recommends for recurring income
  • Managing a remote team and how it works for Donna’s business
  • How to engage with your customers in a unique way

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