Interlochen High School Students Get Involved in Politics

Students at Interlochen Arts Academy are gearing up for an election season of their own through the Youth in Government program.Int

Tendekai Mawokomatanda, a 17-year-old senior at the academy, says he’s “running for this position as speaker of the house. He comments that he “believe that we are able to work together as one and unify to pass legislation.”

This program allows students to be involved in a mock government, and participate in mock trials but outside the program these students hope to spark some real change.

“I’m working on passing a real bill through the Michigan state house and that is the incarcerated menstrual equity act. That’s a bill that basically brings menstrual equity to the prisons within Michigan as it stands,” Sophomore Isabella Rotker, 15, says.

While Rotker is focusing on her bill, her peer is working on another of his own.

“I wrote  the bill last year during the conference. The bill was about to maintain or to require lawmakers in the state of Michigan, to report their stock portfolios to a commission and ensure that they are not using insider information to buy stocks, which is insider trading,” says Mawokomatanda

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