Interview with Michelle and Jake Sendowski of Souper Products – Small Business Show 260 – Business Brain

souper cubes founders interviewAll of us at one time or another have thought of a product that would make our lives easier, something we could use ourselves and maybe even offer for sale to other people. Most of these ideas are just that, ideas that don’t go anywhere. Today we have a couple of product innovators joining us that took their concept to fruition and created a company, Souper Products (that’s spelled s-o-u-p-e-r) to bring their product to market.

Join us as we hear the story of how Jake and Michelle Sendowski founded Souper Products to bring their Souper Cubes product to market. There’s a wealth of tips and tricks for working with your spouse, researching product manufacturing, connecting with retailers and much more. You don’t want to miss this episode!

Listen in as your hosts Dave Hamilton and Shannon Jean learn about Souper Products and then join us at the Small Business Support Group to ask your questions and to share your own story.

  • Small Business Show #260 for Wednesday, January 28, 20
  • 00:00:00 Michelle and Jake Sendowski from Souper Products
  • Solving tricky problems simply!
  • Key to success: Finding the right partner
  • Launch, Test, and Iterate
  • Be willing to make a bet, take a risk
  • Prioritizing Kindness in Partnerships
  • Be Relentless in Trying to Reach Out to People
  • Watch the Amazon Seller FBA Video Tutorials
  • Protect yourselves and your ideas throughout the process

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