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We’re in the home stretch ahead of this year’s General Election.

Candidates are making their pitches across the state and voters are starting to cast their ballots.

At the top of the ballot, Kentuckians will pick who they want to send to the U.S. Senate: Republican incumbent Rand Paul or Democratic candidate Charles Booker.

But voters will also weigh in on contests for Congress, the Kentucky Legislature, the state Supreme Court and a variety of local elections. You can find out more about who’s on the ballot and in the Louisville Public Media voter guide and Kentucky Public Radio voter guide.

Kentucky Public Radio’s Divya Karthikeyan and Ryland Barton take one last pre-election look during this week’s edition of Kentucky Politics Distilled.


Kentucky Politics Distilled is our weekly rundown of the big news — and sometimes the odd news — happening in the state Capitol.

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Ryland Barton is the Managing Editor for Collaboratives.

Divya is WFPL’s Capitol Reporter.

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