iTunes Exposure Review – Is iTunes Exposure the Best Music Promotion Service?

There are literally thousands of sites that claim to promote your music. But how do you know if one of them really does work? Read on to find out why iTunes Exposure is one of the best. This music promotion company has been in business for over 10 years and has successfully promoted artists from every continent except Antarctica. Their campaigns have helped multiple clients chart on iTunes. This shows they have a great deal of experience and expertise in the business.

Ditto Company

This iTunes Exposure review examines the features of the Ditto Company’s music distribution service. This service is relatively cheaper than competitors, and its unique features include a comprehensive analytics system, high-quality support, and compilation releases. Moreover, you get to earn 100% royalties from your work! This service also allows you to pre-order albums and change distribution platforms at any time. For an annual fee of $19, you can also make use of Ditto’s services.

The Ditto Company offers a wide range of services, which can be particularly helpful if you have a lot of artwork. Ditto works closely with artists to ensure that their content is properly displayed on the digital store. Its system is set up to provide the same configuration to other digital stores, so that artwork submitted to Ditto will be accepted elsewhere. In addition, the categories are aligned with those of iTunes, so artists are motivated to provide a comprehensive description of a particular music genre. The Ditto Company provides detailed instructions and recommendations on how to represent the content on their artwork.

The Ditto music platform also provides detailed analytics of each song’s sales and earnings on a daily basis. The data are easy to understand, and they pride themselves on helping artists earn their share of royalties. Artists should also take advantage of Ditto’s social media promotion services, which allow them to engage fans on a larger scale and maximize their exposure. This means increased revenue, more fans, and greater success.

Ditto music’s pre-release features allow artists to target a particular geographical location for targeted promotion. This service also includes trend reports from big streaming apps, including Spotify and iTunes. These reports are updated hourly, enabling you to know when a song is performing well on your favorite social platform. In addition to targeting specific geographic locations, Ditto music also optimizes your exposure on Vevo. In short, it’s worth a look!

iTunes Exposure

With thousands of sites claiming to help you promote your music, how do you know which one is right for you? iTunes Exposure is one such site. It has been in business for over ten years and has worked with clients all over the world – except Antarctica. It has also charted multiple artists on iTunes while their campaigns were running. Their extensive experience in music marketing is one of their biggest advantages. But what are its limitations?

Apple’s App Store directory

An iTunes Exposure review of Apple’s AppStore directory reveals that fake reviews have become a common occurrence. Although they are not blatantly fake, they do tend to be written in reasonably well-formed English and can sometimes evade the automated spam filtering process. Fortunately, more rigorous human oversight of the directory can help weed out the fakes. Of course, Apple cannot police every app in its directory manually, but it can certainly do a better job of scrutinizing those which are soaring in the charts.

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