Jan. 6 hearings a one-sided distraction motivated by politics (Letters)

Abusing people using government power is what they do in communist countries. This administration is abusing its power by doing whatever it takes to prevent an opponent from getting re-elected. These rulers in power are trying to destroy our democracy. Creating a fabricated crime to keep them in power is the only way forward. Making a political one-sided documentary without using true facts is only a phony made-for-TV show. Creating clips to cause extreme emotional stress is the only way to turn those who are gullible into hateful voters. Eventually, the gullible might smarten up enough to realize that the real danger to this country is liberal leaders creating hateful chaos throughout America. Imagine, convincing voters to hate your political opponents to win elections. Many gullible voters seem to believe in what these lying actors say and foolishly support them.

Liberals want to jail all Republican opponents with made-up charges because they have full control of the government to do so. Telling the real truth about Jan. 6 would be worthwhile news to all voters. This phony Jan. 6 political committee must be investigated for trying to commit a false crime.

The Speaker of the House refused to comply with the request for 20,000 National Guard troops a few days before Jan. 6 by our former president.

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