Less technology leads to healthier communities

Daniel Rossi-Keen

“You spent 14% less time on your phone this week.”

As many readers may know, the iPhone generates weekly messages that are automatically delivered to its users. Intent on providing a quick snapshot into phone usage, these messages appear unsolicited and without much context.

Generally, these messages are not something to which I give much attention. But, this week, the seemingly simple statement hit me like a ton of bricks.

I am well aware that I spend too much mindless time on my phone. Recognizing this, over the past six or eight months I have disciplined myself to replace screen time with books. During that time, I have taken a particular liking to books about our current technological and entertainment culture. More than just refraining from wasting time, I have been seeking to understand the lure of mindless technology, the architecture of social networks, and the psychological impacts of the overuse of such media. During this time, I have also undertaken technology fasts, have removed various apps from my phone, and have made a commitment to engage in other forms of activity and entertainment.

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