Michael Chiklis would ‘rather eat glass’ than be a politician

Michael Chiklis has no interest in becoming a politician.

“I’d rather eat glass,” he told The Post recently at the Fox Upfront in New York.

The actor, 58, can be seen in the upcoming anthology crime series “Accused” in which he plays a “very affluent brain surgeon, (with a) family, everything life could offer” but then has to deal with his son who Chiklis describes as a “burgeoning psychopath” on the verge of becoming a school shooter.

The show is an adaptation of an award-winning BBC production.

“The Shield” star noted that the subject matter is “pretty relevant” in light of the recent shooting in Buffalo, which saw 10 people killed, allegedly by an accused 18-year-old shooter.

Chiklis despaired that mass shootings “keep happening — we’re stuck in a wheel.”

Michael Chiklis in "The Shield."
Chiklis won an Emmy for his work in “The Shield.”

“It’s this bizarre cycle that we’re stuck in and we have to break it,” he continued. “I don’t know how this happened. I grew up in the United States; I grew up in a hunting tradition. I grew up as a gun owner. I don’t know one gun owner that doesn’t believe that we need to do something — and this is a perfect example.

“This kid was flagged, he had issues, there is no way in this world that this kid should have been able to buy an AR-15 and pistols without a million bells and whistles going off,” he continued. “We’re stuck.”

The “Fantastic Four” star blames both sides of the political spectrum.

Jessica Alba, Michael Chiklis, Chris Evans, and Ioan Gruffudd in Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Chiklis starred as The Thing in “Fantastic Four.”
Twentieth Century Fox

“This polarization in this country has to stop,” he opined. “The grownups in the room have to take over. We’ve allowed the fringes on both the far right and far left to control the narrative for too long and it’s created this death spiral that can’t be accepted any longer — period.”

Chiklis said that the show isn’t “preachy or proselytizing” and hopes that it will spark some dialogue because “we can’t just go in our separate corners.”

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