More young Californians are depressed. Blame politics, pandemic, stigma

“They have no sense of autonomy, mastery, or purpose because they’re distracted by everything that’s on a screen. And by the time kids get to 18, 20, 22, they’re not used to putting themselves out there to take risks in the social world. So their anxiety and depression just gets overwhelming,” says Kent Toussaint, founder and director of Teen Therapy Center. ​​
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Californians ages 18-24 are experiencing more anxiety and depression compared to past years, and many are struggling to get help due to financial costs or a lack of access to services. That’s the result of a new survey from the California Endowment. 

Months into this school year, some LAUSD students are anxious, depressed, and lonely, says teacher Aviva Alvarez-Zakson. There aren’t enough campus psychologists and counselors, while technology and the pandemic have exacerbated the situation.

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