There is a lot of new indie rap music coming out, but what is it, and where can we listen to it? This article will give you a brief rundown of a few artists that have made waves in the last few years. These artists include Ojay Morgan, Maya ‘MAY-A’ Cumming, and Cyber City Society. Let’s dive into the genre and see what it has to offer. But before we do let me tell you about a hot new album by J.L.J called The Introduction. He has a few bangers but his single Keep It Krunk is bannas. 

Cyber City Society

With their latest EP, Cyber City Society, the New Jersey rappers and producers take hip-hop into the futuristic realm. The result is a sound that is both edgy and downright quirky, but still manages to stay true to the genre’s roots. In addition to being a fantastic listen, Cyber City Society also features some excellent production from Wavy Bagels, a long-time friend of Fatboi’s.

Ojay Morgan

Indie rap music isn’t a genre I’m particularly familiar with, but Ojay Morgan is a rising gay rapper with a cult following. His stage name is Zebra Katz, and his productions often feature gimp masks and various sexual images. Morgan has been touring with Gorillaz after his appearance on their Humanz album. His songs and videos have garnered critical acclaim for their esoteric content, but there’s a big catch: they’re all free.

The album title of Ojay Morgan’s new album, Less Is Moor, is a nod to his college years. His senior thesis was called “Moor Contradictions,” and his debut album, Zebra Katz, took seven years to come to fruition. It’s not an apologetic rap record, but it’s a wildly ambitious sonic experiment. Ojay Morgan’s songs, which span rap, dance, and even experimental electronic music, are sexually charged.

Zebra Katz is a group from London that’s been around for a few years. They’re affiliated with the recent East Coast queer hip-hop wave. One of their most memorable songs is “Ima Read,” which was dubbed the Paris Fashion Week song. Morgan has since performed at South by Southwest and received a co-sign from Mad Decent. The band is also planning a tour of Europe this summer.

Ojay Morgan’s latest video, “Blk Diamond,” combines elements of rap, trip-hop, electronic music, and industrial music. It’s a hybrid of Grace Jones and Tricky. The song’s eerie electronic music reminds me of horror films, especially The Shining. While the album is not entirely about rap, Morgan uses elements of horror films to create a spooky atmosphere.

Kid Cudi

The new album from Kid Cudi, whose last two albums have been a complete disappointment, features experimental sounds similar to his past work. “Lovin’ Me,” for example, is a hybrid of rap and indie, with a drill-infused trap beat. On the similarly experimental “Show Out,” the rapper teams up with Skepta and Pop Smoke. On “Elsie’s Baby Boy (flashback),” Kid Cudi tells of his childhood trauma. This is not like any other Kid Cudi track, but it makes for a unique listening experience.

The album follows Kid Cudi’s critically-acclaimed 2013 debut, Indicud. It also features collaborations with Travis Scott and Kanye West. Despite this notable absence of West, it’s not hard to see Kid Cudi’s influence on contemporary rap music. The talented rapper has also ventured into other areas of the music industry, including the film industry. Despite the fact that he has worked with Kanye West on previous projects, the artist is now proving himself worthy of the title of ‘Best Rap Album of the Year.’

This is not the first time Kid Cudi has worked with MGMT. In fact, the band has collaborated with Kid Cudi on two albums in the coming years. The band’s 2010 hit “Pursuit of Happiness” has over 400 million Spotify streams. The track features vocals from MGMT and Ratatatat, and its lyrics are filled with a hypnotic melody.

“Local” is a great way to describe this album, and it’s a perfect fit for summer listening. While the music isn’t exactly a masterpiece, it’s fresh and fun, and its blend of hip hop, R&B and rock makes it perfect for a casino concert. Kid Cudi thrives in a festival atmosphere, and he loves the chance to win big.

Maya ‘MAY-A’ Cumming

The Sydney-via-Byron Bay artist’s latest single, ‘Apricots,’ combines earthiness reminiscent of Middle Kids with glossy Halsey vocals to create a layered pop track. The song reflects different sides of MAY-A as an artist, combining the sounds of her childhood home and the sound of a recording studio.

Australian singer Maya ‘MAY-A’ has recently signed with a worldwide record label Atlantic Records. Atlantic Records will cover all regions, with the exception of New Zealand and Australia. Sony Music Australia will oversee the Australian territory. She began writing songs when she was just 12 years old, and her debut EP, “Don’t Kiss Your Friends,” is set to be released on August 6, 2021.

A new indie rap artist from Sydney, MAY-A has already garnered the attention of the industry and the general public. Her storytelling style is warm and accessible, and her early singles have positioned her as an exciting new voice in Australian music. MAY-A’s songs easily move between pop and rock genres, and her lyricism demonstrates a mature self-awareness that extends beyond her years.

Despite the high-profile nature of her debut EP, Maya ‘MAY-A’ is no stranger to collaboration. Her past releases, including “Apricots,” were released through the Unearthed platform. The artist’s latest collaboration with Baby Queen, a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, was filmed on location in the LA hills. “American Dream” also features Baby Queen and MAY-A in a retro-styled music video.

English Teacher

If you’re a teacher looking for fresh music for your classroom, you’ve come to the right place. The New York-based hip-hop group English Teacher is the perfect choice. Featuring deadpan storytelling and razor-sharp instrumentation, their songs are for fans of dense lyrics. Known as collaborative ambassadors of their native state, the band’s latest hit, ‘Good Grief’, is an introspective ode to 2022.