New Minnesota coalition calls out anti-Muslim policies in India

A group of diverse Indian community members met on a recent afternoon in a colorful meeting room in the lower level of an office building in St. Anthony. Their mission: track the troubling politics of their home country and compel Americans to help stem a growing tide of hate against South Asian Muslims.

They formed the India Coalition to promote coexistence in the Twin Cities’ Indian community and to curb bigotry spreading through the United States as a result of a form of Hindu nationalism–Hindutva–that is pitting Hindus against Muslims.

“I see an inexonerable wave of hate, bigotry, and fascism taking over India,” said attendee Zafar Siddiqui, an activist and board member of several local nonprofits. “And if there is no pushback, however small that is, it’s going to consume us.”

Siddiqui started the group by bringing together a network of friends and acquaintances from a variety of faith, cultural, linguistic, and professional backgrounds.

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