NFL Draft 2023: Ranking Seahawks, Eagles and every team with two first-round picks by level of opportunity

While five teams are currently without a first-round selection in the 2023 NFL Draft, four teams have a great opportunity to add two high-quality talents on Day 1. explores the teams that meet that criteria and rank them from biggest to smallest opportunity. 

SportsLine’s R.J. White constructed an updated trade value chart and his figures will be factored into these rankings.  

1. Texans: Nos. 2 and 12 overall

Houston’s picks in the first round have a total point value of 1108.97, which is by far the most value held by any of these four teams. The Texans should be able to get a franchise quarterback at No. 2 overall but there have been rumblings that they could bypass the position if Alabama’s Bryce Young is taken No. 1 overall. If that truly ends up being the case, then the franchise winning two of the last three games after losing nine straight could prove to be very costly. Value is not created equally. The opportunity to take a quarterback at No. 2 overall outweighs the value of taking any other position. 

Houston also holds the No. 12 overall selection, which was a part of the Deshaun Watson trade. The 2023 draft class is relatively light on elite talent but first-year head coach DeMeco Ryans should be getting an important building block with that selection. One problem that teams in the latter half of the first round will encounter is prospect value. The ceiling of this class drops off beyond those top 12-ish prospects. 

2. Seahawks: Nos. 5 and 20 overall

The gap between Nos. 2 and 3 on this list is much narrower than any other gap. Those two picks amount to 751.60 points. There is an indistinguishable difference between Seattle and Detroit’s second first-round selections. The quality of player available in that range is very comparable. The reason that the Seahawks have an edge on this list is because they have the higher selection in the first round. 

Similar to Houston, Seattle could theoretically be in a position to take a quarterback at No. 5 overall. They are in a better position to do so than the Lions. If quarterbacks are taken with the first four selections, then the franchise would also be afforded the opportunity to take the first non-quarterback. There is no guarantee that the player selected ends up being better than those chosen after him but scouting departments are paid a lot of money, so decision-makers should feel confident in their choice. 

3. Lions: Nos. 6 and 18 overall

One other similarity between Seattle and Detroit is that neither of their early first-round selections are their own. The Seahawks’ No. 5 overall selection came from Denver as part of the Russell Wilson trade. The Lions’ No. 6 overall selection comes from Los Angeles as part of the Rams’ trade for Matthew Stafford. 

The point value of Detroit’s first-round picks is 727.50, according to White’s trade value chart. Head coach Dan Campbell and general manager Brad Holmes could have the chance to select a quarterback but they will most certainly be able to take one of the best defenders in the class.

4. Eagles: Nos. 10 and 30 overall

Philadelphia added a top-10 overall selection in this year’s draft after trading a first-round pick to New Orleans a year ago. The NFC champions are in a prime position to add a potential long-term starter to the roster; a luxury their own choice at No. 30 overall may not be able to accomplish. The total point value of their two first-round selections is 545.68. While they may not stack up favorably to others on this list, Philadelphia is in an enviable position to add two key contributors. 

The 2023 NFL Draft will be held from April 27-29 in Kansas City, Missouri. 

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