Hiring a Phoenix car accident attorney can be a great decision. In this article, we will cover what you should know about the process, what kind of documentation you will need to prove your case, and what to expect from the process. If you are in the Phoenix area, we highly recommend Zanes Law. They have a proven track record and are highly recommended. In addition to helping you get the compensation you deserve, they can also give you useful information.

Comparative negligence

Arizona follows a law called “pure comparative fault,” which allows for recovery of damages despite a motorist’s share of fault. This rule applies even when a plaintiff is 90 percent at fault but only ten percent at fault. Essentially, if a jury rules that one driver was 90 percent at fault, she would be responsible for ninety percent of the other driver’s damages. In this way, the Phoenix car accident attorney can help her client decide the course of action to pursue.

When two or more drivers are at fault, the situation becomes even more complicated. In Arizona, if two or more drivers are at fault, the monetary value of the compensation awarded to each party is reduced proportionally to the proportion of fault assigned to the other driver. In such cases, Arizona law recognizes a driver’s right to recover compensation even if they were 99% responsible for the accident. However, the total monetary value of the compensation awarded will be lower than if one driver is 99% at fault.

Under the Phoenix car accident attorney’s guidance, a client can make the best possible claim based on the circumstances surrounding the crash. The accident occurred because of the other party’s negligence and is a result of that negligence. If one driver was at fault, the other driver will be at fault for the accident as well. Phoenix car accident attorneys are prepared to work with both parties to maximize the compensation they receive. Just remember that the Phoenix car accident attorney will consider every aspect of your case and your injury in order to maximize your compensation.

As a result of Arizona’s comparative negligence law, it is crucial to find a lawyer who understands this complicated doctrine. Essentially, the law allows one party to receive recovery funds for injuries suffered as a result of the accident even when the other party is 99% at fault. During a trial, a Phoenix car accident attorney must prove that the defendant was partially at fault in the accident. This can affect the outcome of the case.

Injury claims process

If you or a loved one was involved in a car accident in Phoenix, you need the help of a knowledgeable attorney to file a claim. The legal process can be complex, and someone without any legal training may not understand how to proceed. Your lawyer can provide you with guidance, such as the correct way to speak with an insurance adjuster. Avoid saying anything that may be taken as an admission of fault, and don’t be tempted to admit guilt at the scene of an accident.

In Arizona, liability for an accident is assigned according to the percentage of fault by each party involved. In a backover accident, for example, a motorist fails to see something behind them when backing up. A chain reaction accident, on the other hand, is caused by a vehicle hitting a car in heavy traffic, knocking it into a third. Both of these types of accidents have different damages, but a Phoenix car accident attorney can help you maximize your compensation in either of these scenarios.

If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident, you will need an attorney to file a personal injury lawsuit. Your attorney can also seek additional damages. Economic damages refer to the expenses you incur after the accident, such as medical bills from physical therapy. Non-economic damages, however, refer to the emotional and psychological impact of the accident. Depending on the circumstances, you may have to undergo psychological therapy. You may also need to undergo surgery to fix or replace damaged parts of your body.

During this process, you should contact a Phoenix car accident attorney as soon as possible. Obtaining legal counsel will increase your chances of success. In addition to maximizing your chances of success, obtaining legal counsel early also preserves the integrity of the material evidence you need to prove your case. The sooner you contact an attorney, the more valuable your case will be, and the more evidence your lawyer can gather, the better chance you have to get the compensation you deserve.

Documentation needed to support a claim

When you are in a car accident, it is imperative that you contact the other driver’s insurance company as soon as possible and obtain all necessary insurance information. Then, you should get copies of any police accident reports that were obtained, as well. Phoenix car accident attorneys will advise you on the documentation needed to support a claim with the other driver’s insurance company. The statute of limitations is two years in Phoenix, though it is shorter in some cases. In general, you will have two years from the date of the accident to file a claim, but this time frame does not apply to worker’s compensation or governmental entities. Moreover, if the accident was not your fault, the statute of limitations does not start to run until you are 18 years old.

In order to prove that the other party was at fault, you must contact the other driver’s insurance company and request them to pay for alternative transportation for you and your family members. Arizona insurance laws require insurance companies to contact you within 10 days and inspect your car within seven days. Moreover, you must get copies of your car’s insurance claim and any additional photographs of the scene of the accident.

You can support your claim by collecting all the information regarding the accident that you have gathered. These documents will be critical to the case. Medical records and contact information of witnesses will help you prove the extent of your injuries. Photos of the scene of the accident will strengthen your claim. It is vital to remember that the injury is not limited to the pain and suffering, but the result of the car accident itself.

If you have incurred medical expenses, you should also get copies of any bills that have been incurred. The doctor’s bills should be provided with a medical records release form that is HIPAA compliant. Arizona law permits accident victims to obtain free copies of their medical records through their attorney. The attorney can review and analyze these medical records to support their case. In addition, a Phoenix car accident attorney can obtain copies of their insurance policy.

Cost of hiring a car accident lawyer in Phoenix

The most important factor to remember when considering the cost of hiring a car accident lawyer in Phoenix is that you must prove that you are partially at fault for the accident. Arizona is a state where the fault of a driver is apportioned, and the injured party can seek compensation through the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Additionally, an injured person can pursue compensation for their own damages through a civil personal injury lawsuit. To get the most compensation for an accident, however, it is necessary to prove that the other driver is at fault for the collision.

Hiring a Phoenix car accident lawyer is essential if you are looking for a compensation amount that covers all of your medical bills, lost wages, and other costs. Many insurance providers will attempt to settle cases early, and you may find yourself receiving low-ball offers from them. Hiring a Phoenix car accident lawyer will give you the protection you need when dealing with insurance providers. The cost of hiring a car accident lawyer in Phoenix is worth the money you’ll get in compensation.

Once you’ve chosen a Phoenix car accident lawyer, it’s time to talk about your case. You may be worried about the costs of hiring a Phoenix car accident lawyer, but they will walk you through the process step by step. Remember to seek immediate medical care and take hard copies of all medical records to prove your injuries and costs. A car accident attorney can also negotiate on your behalf with your insurance company on your behalf.

The cost of hiring a car accident lawyer in Phoenix will depend on how complex your case is. Some lawyers charge a flat fee for their services, while others charge a percentage of the settlement amount or jury award. That means that if you are not successful, there is no fee incurred. Instead, the attorney charges a percentage of what you are awarded in a settlement or verdict. The result is that you’ll get the maximum compensation for your injuries.