Pickaway sheriff donates cruiser to Career & Technology Center

Students in the Pickaway-Ross Law & Public Safety program were excited to check out their new police cruiser donated to them by the Pickaway County Sheriff's Office.

CHILLICOTHE― Students in the Pickaway-Ross Career & Technology Center law and public safety program were filled with excitement Monday as their new cruiser made its way to the school.

The vehicle was donated by the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office.

Students will use the cruiser to get a better understanding of what it is like being out in the field as a law enforcement officer. Instructor Rex Cockrell said the students will get great use out of the cruiser as they use it in practice stops and car inspections.

“Everything we teach here helps our students become future law enforcement officers,” said Cockrell.

They will also be in charge of completing daily cruisier checks, just like an active officer. These checks include making sure all parts of the vehicle work and all needed equipment is inside. At the end of the day students will have to make sure the car is clean and presentable for the next officer.

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