PlatinX Technology secures $ 5million Funding for PTX ALGO Trading Software


PlatinX Technology, a leading global crypto market making, Prop Desk management & trading software development company that provides one stop solution for Virtual Digital Assets ecosystem, Platinx Secure $5 million funding to help bolster the success of their Algo Trading Software.

PTX Algo Trading Software is AI based Low Latency software that is connected with World’s Top traded Exchanges like; Binance, FTX, KuCoin, Huobi Global, Coinbase, Bitmart, Wazirx, Kraken CoinDCX etc., with potential to scale much further. The financing will help enable PlatinX Technology to accelerate both the business and the product road map including investment in world-class infrastructure and further research & development.

PTX Algo Software have inbuild Algo, HFT, Arbitrage, & Quant trading strategies that can be customised as per user requirements.

For Funding support Company has launched PlatinX Token in December 2021, got tremendous response in BitMart, DigiFinex and other exchanges. Company have plan to Launch their India’s First Leverage Exchange.

PlatinX Team is the core team of a Trading, Prop Desk, Quant Trade and Market making firm that has more than a decade of experience providing liquidity and market making & Fund management Software.

The Operation Head, Ms Chhavi Talwar, stated “After the launch of PTX ALGO company is Confident to solve the problem of Algo trading & Market making software in the crypto world”. “Digital asset is no longer a fringe investment, it has become mainstream with the rise of DeFi, Metaverse and Web 3.0”.


They used their expertise and knowledge to create an innovative and high-performance software through which anyone can do Fully automated trading simply by downloading this PTX ALGO software from their website, and trading from any Crypto Exchange Globally.

PlatinX Technology provides customised crypto and trading solutions to help usher financial institutions into crypto markets. The funding would strengthen the company’s innovative and successful PTX Algo Trading Software which is designed for the specific needs of exchanges and arbitrageurs in the digital world.

With increased capital the company would be able to provide cutting-edge AI technology trading solutions while scaling the business for wider adoption. PlatinX technology has the technical know-how and expertise and together with an experienced team specialising in Blockchain technology, FinTech, Fund Management and Digital assets, they are all set to rule the world of DeFi and Crypto Assets.

Disclaimer: Content Produced by PlatinX Technology

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