Rising Stars in Technology: Angela Beck

  • Category: Rising Stars in Technology
  • Number of years working in your current industry: 6
  • Undergrad degree/university: Bachelor of Science, Bioengineering/University of Pittsburg
  • Graduate degree/university: Masters of Science – MS Information Technology Mgt/Carnegie Mellon Univerisity

As a product analyst at Penta Technologies, Angela Beck leads the design and development of user-centric solutions. 

“Her people-centric and inventive nature continually drives her professional and personal growth,” said Laura Henderson, chief operating officer at Penta Technologies. “Angela’s work leaves each product more innovative and profitable than when she started. She is on track to become the future product owner for Penta’s Cloud Payroll product.”

“Angela is a passionate leader committed to continuous growth. She leads a team of seven and brings out the best in others by setting high standards and ensuring she provides the support they need to reach their full potential. She has left a lasting imprint on all three of Penta’s product teams,” said Henderson. 

In her past role as scrum master and developer, Beck co-led a “scrum team” of 16 members at Penta to maximize efficiency and reduce costs for a construction ERP software. She improved the installation process for the ERP’s documentation system by reducing the installation time by 15% and cutting the number of post-upgrade support tickets by 10%.

Beck assists developers in interpreting and defining product requirements during the design, development and testing phases. 

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