Robert Woods says he feels ‘really, really good’ about ACL rehab progress ahead of first season with Titans

The next time we see Robert Woods step on the field for an NFL game, it will not be in his familiar Los Angeles Rams uniform. Instead, he’ll be a member of the Tennessee Titans, to whom he was traded for a sixth-round pick earlier this offseason. 

Woods was likely only made available by Los Angeles due to his injury situation and salary, with the Rams preferring to have a full season of Allen Robinson rather than a potentially truncated season from Woods, who tore his ACL during a Week 10 practice last year. Still, Woods feels good about the way his rehabilitation is going, and the prospect of being able to contribute for Tennessee in 2022.

“I actually feel like they’re kind of holding me back a little bit,” Woods said (with a smile) regarding the speed of his rehab, per the team’s official site. “I am trying to get back as well as I can, just doing everything (trainer) Todd Toriscelli has me doing, trying to stay focused and be patient with it. Right now I feel really, really good, getting going, being able to do some things.

“But really my main goal is to be ready, and be back in tip-top shape. I just want to be ready to go when it is time. It is a long season, and you have to be prepared to go every single game and be prepared to last and be explosive.”


Titans general manager Jon Robinson, meanwhile, noted that Woods is contributing in minicamp sessions despite not being fully physically ready to participate himself. 

“It’s been fun to watch him work,” Robinson said. “I looked out my window and they were doing some red zone stuff in Phase One and he’s being the SAM linebacker, and he’s showing the tight end, ‘This is where the SAM is going to be in this coverage so you need to adjust your route and do this.’ He’s just a consummate pro, and he’s everything we’re about. He’s helping our younger players and we’re excited to see him on the field.”

The Titans will need Woods to contribute with more than just his teaching and professionalism when he does get on the field, as he will likely serve as one of Ryan Tannehill’s top two receiving options alongside rookie Treylon Burks, after the Titans released Julio Jones and traded A.J. Brown to the Eagles. He’s been extremely consistent throughout his career and has played in a system similar to the one utilized in Tennessee, and should fit seamlessly into the play-action-heavy offense, assuming he’s healthy at some point. 

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