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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 2 of Sanditon.]

Sanditon Season 2 cleared up some of Season 1’s biggest lingering questions, but by the time the six-episode run of its latest chapter had concluded, even more questions were raised.

Whether it’s about series heroine Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams) or the mystery behind Edward Denham’s (Jack Fox) next move, there’s plenty to wonder about. Below, we’re breaking down some of the questions we’d like to see answered when the show returns for Season 3.

Will Charlotte Reunite with Alexander?

Sanditon Season 2 Rose Williams and Ben Lloyd-Hughes

(Credit: Joss Barratt/PBS Masterpiece)

Charlotte’s luck in love continues to remain at a minimum following Season 2’s conclusion which saw her resolved to leave Sanditon after her employer and new love interest Alexander Colbourne (Ben Lloyd-Hughes) sent her mixed signals. At first, he tries extinguishing the spark between them only to realize it’s a mistake, but by the time he tries apologizing to Charlotte in order to win her back, she’s already halfway out the door.

A flash-forward even reveals that she’s resigned to marry Ralph Starling (Cai Brigden), a man from her small farm town. Although they’re only engaged, the reveal was made as a sort of cliffhanger making us wonder what will happen next.

Is Edward Going to Go After Esther?

Sanditon Season 2 Jack Fox

(Credit: Joss Barratt/PBS Masterpiece)

After Edward’s scheme to poison Esther (Charlotte Spencer) is unveiled by Clara (Lily Sacofsky), he’s kicked out of Lady Denham’s (Anne Reid) house when he refuses to pay a punishment for his actions. In his absence, Clara decides to give their baby to Esther who had been having fertility struggles.

Edward is clearly unpleased when he has to return to Lady Denham’s and learns that his baby has been sent off to live a better life elsewhere. It’s unclear at first if he’s aware that the baby has been sent with Esther home to her and her husband Lord Babington’s (Mark Stanley) estate. Could he go in search of the baby? When it comes to Edward, anything seems possible.

Will Georgiana Find Her Mother?

Sanditon Season 2 Crystal Clarke and Turlough Convery

(Credit: Joss Barratt/PBS Masterpiece)

Posthumous letters from Sidney’s (Theo James) possession reveal more than Charles Lockhart’s (Alexander Vlahos) true intentions. The papers also unveil that despite Georgiana’s previous beliefs, her mother is actually alive. The girl makes it clear towards the end of the Season 2 finale that she intends to find her mom, but with whom? Only time will tell.

What’s Next for Colonel Lennox?

Sanditon Season 2 Tom Weston Jones

(Credit: Joss Barratt/PBS Masterpiece)

Despite denying the notion that Leo (Flora Mitchell) was his daughter, Colonel Lennox (Tom Weston-Jones) seemed to reflect deeply on the interaction. And even though he was pushed out of the town through a wager formulated through Tom (Kris Marshall) and Arthur Parker (Turlough Convery), it makes us curious about whether or not he’ll return to the series in some capacity for Season 3.

How is Married Life for Alison & Captain Fraser?

Sanditon Season 2 Rosie Graham and Rose Williams

(Credit: Joss Barratt/PBS Masterpiece)

Initially, this pair was not each other’s biggest fans, but over time they warmed up to one another when Alison learned it was Captain Fraser’s (Frank Blake) words behind Captain Carter’s (Maxim Ays) letters. After having Alison in the mix for Season 2, it would be hard to not see her return, making us wonder, will the couple relocate to Sanditon or remain in the country where the wedding was held? Especially if Captain Carter is sent to combat, it wouldn’t make much sense for Alison to sit at home twiddling her thumbs. Hopefully, this question and more are answered once the show returns. Until then, it’s for the viewers to speculate.

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