Sauk seeks two actors for world premiere drama

The Sauk, Hillsdale County’s community theatre, is seeking two actors for its upcoming world premiere production of “Desert Song.” Auditions will be held this weekend.

“Desert Song” is about a young, struggling musician who seeks out the reclusive muse for one of the most famous love songs ever written, an early seventies tune called “The Ballad of Eliza.” It’s a song that he has loved all his life. This muse, a woman now in her sixties, has long retreated from public view, and lives as a simple maid. Set in the sparse lodgings at Ghost Ranch, a remote retreat in Northern New Mexico, the play explores the elusive and magical nature of inspiration. This play was workshopped during The Sauk’s 2021 Plays-in-Development. This play contains strong language and a moment of self-harm including blood. 

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