Social Media Summit for Public Agencies & Governments

Social media channels are being used by public agencies and governments to get in touch directly with the public, which has made them a very valuable tool. The Social Media Strategies Summit Virtual Conference is specifically designed to bring together public and private organizations together to teach and learn the latest strategies.

Public leaders in social media management as well as leading companies such as Meta, Twitter, LinkedIn, and USPS will be at the conference to showcase what these strategies are.

If your small business serves this segment, you can’t miss this summit. Click the red button and register now to attend the  Social Media Strategies Summit Virtual Conference from December 7–8, 2022.


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Social Media Strategies Summit Public Agencies and GovernmentSocial Media Strategies Summit Public Agencies and Government
December 07, 2022, Online

If you’re a professional that manages your government or public agency’s social media channels, this event is for you! Learn from a mix of industry leaders who will share the proven social media strategies they use to grow their brands. Join this virtual conference for two days and 15 sessions that will enable you to gain a fresh perspective on social media.

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