If you’re looking for a great songs and book for preschool kids, consider playing these 60 classroom-tested favorites. You’ll find fingerplays, counting rhymes, and more in this fun and easy-to-use resource. There are also dozens of videos on the site for teaching the songs. All of these resources are great for music teachers or home use. However, you might want to add some of your own, too.

Harvey Hippo

Harvey Hippo is a little hippo, a free spirit who dares to be who he is. Cute, curious, clever, and playful, he is fun to be around. He lives in a world yet undiscovered by humans. But nevermind, Harvey Hippo is happy to reveal his world to us over time. The adorable character has his own song and was as book out called Harvey Hippo Wants to Fly. The song can be downloaded and streamed on all major platforms including Apple music, Tidal, iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon music. You can also get the book series on Amazon as well. Make sure you check out Harvey Hippo for songs and books for preschool kids.

First Steps in Music

First Steps in Music for Preschool Kids is a great on-demand course that is perfect for families with children between the ages of two and six. It includes a bonus video that explains how to reclaim your child’s musical birthright and the typical skills of children ages 0 to six. Several practical tips are included in this course, including how to make learning fun and enjoyable.

This program focuses on music and includes eight different activities to help your child learn to play instruments, sing, and dance. It follows the philosophy that the best way to develop musical skills is through singing and movement. It also includes a classical music component and uses high-quality recordings. Children who are ready for more formal music training can begin this program at a very young age. First Steps in Music is designed to be fun and engaging for kids and is also designed to help children develop language, social, and motor skills.

Children are most receptive to large motor movement, which makes it easier to perform more advanced musical tasks. During this phase, children should explore large motor movements such as clapping rhythms. In this book, you will find a chart that shows what is appropriate for each activity. It also includes lesson plans for three years and includes high-quality recordings. The lessons and CDs are also included to provide your preschoolers with a memorable musical experience.

The program starts with songs that use three or more notes. These are a good place to start if your child has difficulty matching pitches. Once they have mastered three notes, you can move on to a four-note song. In addition, you can play with the tempo and loudness of different instruments. These are just a few examples of activities you can do to get your preschool kids started with music.

Fish Eyes

If you’re looking for a fun counting book for your preschool-aged child, try Fish Eyes! This adorable book has vibrant illustrations and fun musical rhymes that will make learning to count a breeze. Another counting book to enjoy with your little one is Moomin’s Little Book of Numbers, written by Tove Jansson. This adorable story follows a family of imaginary creatures who are helpful in counting different objects, including umbrellas, butterflies, and stars.

This counting book is an engaging introduction to the number system and introduces children to simple addition and counting through the use of colorful fish. Children will enjoy counting the fish while touching their finger holes, which are clearly labeled. This book can be read several times with the child’s help as it features double-page illustrations and a simple, yet fun way to learn the numbers. The story is complemented by songs and activities that reinforce the concepts taught in the book.

The bright colors make this counting book visually appealing, while the colorful fish help introduce simple addition and counting. They’ll be able to touch the fish and count them by touching the fish’s eye holes, making learning fun! Pete the Cat is the perfect partner to help teach simple addition and counting by pointing to the fish’s numbers. A CD is included as well. It’s an excellent way to introduce counting in preschool.

Moomin’s Little Book of Numbers

The Moomins are famous for their lovable and wacky characters. In Moomin’s Little Book of Numbers, the lovable creatures help kids learn the alphabet and numbers. Kids will love counting along with Moomin and the objects he finds in his world. This colorful book will help them learn about colors and shapes while having fun with the counting process.

The Moomins live in the Moominvalley and count to ten with the help of everyday objects like seashells, stars, and buttons. The Moomins are made by Tove Jansson, a Finnish writer and illustrator who died in 2001. These books have a positive impact on children’s development and foster creativity. They are a wonderful way to teach math to young children while encouraging independence and imagination.

This book does not feature the Moomin characters as prominently as other Moomin books. Instead, Jansson gives us more backstory and introduces some new characters. Moomins are still adorable and lovable, but the storyline is slightly darker and more mature than the earlier works. Some readers even say that Moomins are “disappearing,” but others believe that this book is more about the Moomins’ midlife crisis.

The Learning Station

The Learning Station’s innovative approach to children’s books and music has resulted in an excellent album and corresponding book for young children. Featuring songs and book versions of popular children’s books, The Learning Station has created albums that focus on specific topics. These albums feature original songs and popular children’s books set to rock-steady beats. The Learning Station’s preschool kids’ album, Literacy in Motion, includes classics such as Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, as well as modern versions of these old favorites.

These award-winning songs for preschool kids are a perfect way to encourage kids to engage in learning activities. Each song is accompanied by an engaging book that teaches children the different sounds of music. Whether your kids are singing along or clapping along to the music, they’ll be sure to enjoy these new songs. And since The Learning Station songs are fun to sing, they’ll be able to sing along with you.

Another new book from The Learning Station is The Book About Tony Chestnut, a CD-book combo featuring a hit song. This book is perfect for kids aged three to seven. In the book, Tony Chestnut is a newcomer who joins the school where his sister, Eileen, already attends. The book has a positive message, as it teaches kids to share and welcome new friends. It also features an original Tony Chestnut song.

With its classic nursery rhymes, The Learning Station provides children with an excellent mental workout. Kids will be mentally engaged while counting along to the beat, and the alphabet is a breeze for them to remember. Counting Together is a song popular throughout the world and has become an essential part of many curriculum. This book also provides an excellent resource for brain breaks, group activities, and ESL programs. When you buy the songs and book, you’re getting a CD with all of the words and actions included.