The smackdown delivered to Attorney General Dana Nessel by the Michigan Supreme Court last week was about as big a wallop as it gets.

The unanimous ruling and a separate concurrence basically accused the AG’s office of subverting justice and manipulating the law to press its unwarranted vendetta against then-Gov. Rick Snyder and eight members of his team in the Flint water crisis.

Chief Justice Bridget McCormack called what Nessel’s team tried to do in denying due process to the defendants a “Star Chamber comeback,” a reference to the secretive medieval courts that arrested, prosecuted and sentenced their targets in one efficient proceeding that cut off avenues for defense. 

Today, Nessel is trying to lock-up Republicans. Next year, a GOP prosecutor may use that precedent to send Gov. Gretchen Whitmer packing off to jail for COVID nursing home deaths, Finley writes.

Justice Richard Bernstein accused the AG’s office of mining obscure statutes in the state constitution to tilt the advantage toward the prosecution.

Specifically, Nessel’s surrogates, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy and Solicitor General Fadwa Hammoud, took the case to a one-man grand jury to review the evidence and issue the charges.

And then they tried to use the juror to deny the defendants a preliminary exam and send them straight to trial without the opportunity to see the evidence against them. 

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