Texans head coach Lovie Smith says Dameon Pierce is ‘trending’ toward Offensive Rookie of the Year

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Week 5 of the NFL season has concluded and while it is way too early to start handing out end-of-the-year awards, it is never too early to start predicting who will take the honors. Head coaches are even beginning to chime in.

Houston Texans head coach Lovie Smith agrees that it is too early in the season to make the call, but given what he has seen from rookie running back Dameon Pierce, he believes it is a possibility.

“It’s a little early. He’s a rookie and he’s playing well,” Smith said, via NFL.com. “I haven’t seen all of the rookies out there. I just know that our rookie, we’ve loved him from the start. It’s not a bandwagon-type thing. We believed in this guy and what he can do. He’s letting other people kind of see it a little bit. Again, for us to be talking that way, the offensive line and the guys that are blocking for him, they have to be doing their job. I just know after a quarter of football, we like where he is. Much more to go, but I like the way he’s trending.”

Smith clearly has faith in his young running back and with more time, can see Pierce becoming even more of an offensive weapon.

Pierce is the league’s rookie leader with 412 yards rushing and has three touchdowns as well. He excels at breaking tackles and since Week 2 has been consistent for the Texans. 

The award is far from in Pierce’s hands, as there is steep competition and likely will continue to be throughout the rest of the season.

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