You’ve probably heard some of the most popular gospel rap songs. These songs range from Lecrae and TobyMac to Canton Jones and Tedashii. And while they all have their own distinctive sound, these songs have one thing in common – they all seek to honor the Creator through their music. You’ll probably hear a few of these artists’ subjects on their albums. But how can you tell which gospel rap music is truly good? By the way have you listened to SFTK Remix by PTtheGospelSitter? If not you need to take a listen.


The 34-year-old rapper is a rising star in the world of gospel rap music. His album, “Anomaly,” topped the Billboard 200 and gospel charts at the same time. Though his album is free of curse words, it contains rap lyrics about adultery and slavery, and even drives someone to get an abortion. But despite the controversy surrounding his music, Lecrae has achieved mainstream success and acclaim.

In a time when hip hop music was considered negative and was not allowed in the church, Lecrae broke the stereotype by bringing hip hop into the church. With his music and lyrics, Lecrae is reaching a younger audience, relating to them and connecting them with Christ. His lyrics are catchy and contemporary, and he teaches about living a Christian life in a way that people can relate to.

Though many people identify themselves as Christian or religious, Lecrae believes that Christians should not be pigeonholed as an island of pop culture. Instead, Christian artists have made themselves vulnerable to the world’s culture by using their art as a way to answer questions. That’s why he has been able to gain such huge popularity across genres. The popularity of his music has grown exponentially. Let’s take a look at his career and listen to his latest singles.


TobyMac is an American hip hop artist whose career is marked by his faith and his uplifting messages. He was a convert to Christ at age 17 after being pulled over for drug possession. He is now dedicated to transforming the culture by using music as a medium to spread the Gospel message. His first hip hop group, DC Talk, formed in 1987. This group broke up in 1999 and TobyMac pursued a solo career. TobyMac earned his first Grammy in 1993 for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album and Best Rock Gospel Album.

While promoting his latest album, “Portable Sounds,” TobyMac has spoken openly about his recent divorce. While promoting the album, he revealed that it is difficult to watch someone you love go through painful trials. TobyMac is not the only one who has suffered from heartbreak. He also credited his ex-wife for his success and emphasized the importance of faith in his life. In a recent interview, TobyMac gave credit to his ex-wife, Angela, for helping him overcome the difficulty of a divorce.

TobyMac has helped create the foundation for Christian hip-hop and has influenced the next generation of Christian artists. He has never shied away from professing his love for Christ and his passion for hip-hop. He also has a background in early hip-hop, having listened to rap and early Christian music in the 1980s. Consequently, it is not surprising that the singer of “The Gospel Rap” has become one of the most successful Christian hip-hop artists.

Canton Jones

Known for his uplifting music, Canton Jones is a Grammy-nominated contemporary gospel singer and songwriter. Born in Deerfield Beach, Florida, he came from a musical family and began singing at age five. A pastor at Free Life Church, Canton Jones was a member of the Glee Club at Morehouse College. During his time there, he sang for stars such as Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles. Later, he joined the church choir at World Changers Church, which is located in Atlanta, Georgia. Today, he is an internationally recognized singer and songwriter.

The leadoff cut of his latest album, “Stay Saved,” has become a rap smash. In this song, Jones describes the ideal female as one with both external beauty and internal virtue. The song’s catchy chorus has a smooth R&B background vocal that makes it easy to dance. In the end, the song is a welcome invitation to the dance floor. As a bonus, it features a song by his father.

Aside from Canton Jones, Flame is another popular Christian rapper. The messages of his songs are closely connected to biblical truth. “Context” from his album Rewind teaches listeners about spiritual growth. The album leaves the listener thinking about the road to survival that many of us must travel as lost people. Canton Jones’ music is an excellent introduction to this genre of hip-hop. It is the kind of music that’s best for those who seek spirituality, but are insecure about their beliefs.


If you love Christian music, then you have probably heard some of the best gospel rap music by Tedashii. This rapper was born on March 8, 1977, and has been a part of the 116 Clique and Reach Records. His deep voice and cryptic lyrics suggest a deeper meaning than what is immediately apparent. While his sound is largely Christian, he also boasts a distinctly urban edge.

Jamilia Woods

If there is one person who can exemplify a multihyphenate artist, it would be Jamila Woods. The singer, poet, and full-time arts non-profiter is no ordinary artist, but her unique blend of gospel and hip-hop has a powerful message to tell. As Woods’ debut solo album HEAVN shows, her music is a patchwork of influences that are both familiar and original.

From “Sunday Candy” to “Black Girl Soldier,” the album has something for every listener. From little girls playing hand games to big girls dreaming of love, Woods’ music is relatable to all. It is especially welcome after the recent events that led to the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. The album’s lyrical content also expands beyond gospel rap and explores racial identity, gender politics, hometown reflections, and internal purpose.

The debut album by Chicago rapper Jamilia Woods, “HEAVN,” features many talented friends, and Woods’ voice floats through the production without overpowering. The album’s cohesive texture is a result of Woods’ sensibility, which blurs the lines between personal and political. Her delivery is flexible and rare-fied, with a style that recalls ’90s neo-soul artists Erykah Badu and Lauder Hill.

Freedom of Soul

If you’re interested in Christian hip-hop music, you’ve probably heard of the group Freedom of Soul. This hip-hop duo comes from California, but they’ve also released secular hits. They’ve become a popular force in the world of Christian music, with their songs resonating with listeners on a religious level. They’re gaining in popularity as Christian hip-hop artists become more mainstream and a part of the pop culture.

The sound of gospel music has been used to make sense of human existence for centuries. Its lyrics are deeply moving and often speak to the human condition. Hip-hop is no exception. Various artists draw from gospel to create a unique and powerful sound. ‘Father Stretch My Hands’ by Kanye West is one of the best examples of gospel rap. This song also highlights the influence of gospel music on hip-hop.

Super C rips a classic Slave song, “Just A Touch Of Love,” wholesale. Peace stumbles through 3 verses. “It’s On You,” a gospel rap song by Peace, backed by an instrumental by DJ Cut No Slack, sounds like a cross between Kane’s “Nuff Respect Due” and Freedom Of Soul. Super C’s instrumental is decent but does not have the punch of a hit rap track.